Results day… This Friday

On Friday 3rd March, our Medics will be finding out whether the hard work they had put into the IELTS Academic examination 13 days ago has produced the results that they have prepared for.

Our Medics have taken multiple classes, engaged in general English, worked on vocabulary, mastered complex grammar, produced sophisticated essays, had multiple “chats” with tutors and most importantly, made some great friends.

Medics, we’ve got our fingers, toes, arms…legs crossed for you! Speak with you in the morning to find out how it went!

From your team @ IELTS Medical.



  • By Ruta

A quick reminder about taking the IELTS exams at our centre!

We are partnered with a national examinations brand which means that you can take your IELTS exam at the same place where you have been preparing for it. Within the Psychology and Linguistics field, there are numerous studies that have investigated the best learning conditions for succeeding in the exams. The consensus was that taking an exam in the same room where a student has prepared for it increases his or her chances of success.

And that is just one of the many benefits of preparing for the IELTS Academic exams with us!

Your results will be delivered in 13 days and will be available to download from the British council website, with another copy following in the post. Here are IELTS Medical, we have a maximum of 16 medical professionals taking the exam which means that it will be a lot less crowded and therefore – as our Medics report – less stressful.

What’s more, to cheer you up before the speaking exam we will be providing a delicious lunch after the Listening, Reading and Writing papers.

So, if you are still debating whether to take the IELTS exam on the 25th of March but are still unsure about your chances at getting the mark you need, call us on 02036376722 and we will do everything we can to help.


IELTS Medical’s Writing Workshop to be hosted by IELTS Simon!

  • By Ruta

As you know, our next official exam will be on 25th March, 2017. It’s the reason we’ve planned for the closest IELTS Medical Writing Workshop to be hosted by the IELTS SIMON on Sunday 19th March, 2017.

For over 11 years, IELTS Simon has been providing IELTS Academic delegates with insights that he gained whilst practicing as an IELTS Examiner for the British Council. He does not only produce daily content, upload Youtube videos write useful Facebook posts but has also written an e-book to help IELTS students prepare for their examinations.

Among Simon’s students you can also find IELTS teachers as he has delived several teacher training courses and is currently working on an online version for his IELTS teacher training course. So if you decide to join our Writing Workshop on the 19th of March you can be sure you will be learning from a true expert.

We will be hosting IELTS Simon at our Camden centre and we are very excited about our students getting a chance to learn from another experienced IELTS tutor.  There are limited spaces and tickets will surely go fast, so do not lose your chance to get to know and learn from the famous IELTS Simon!

Get ready with us… Call 0203 637 6722.

“This is the first time I’ve done the IELTS without any tension.”

“This is the first time I’ve done the IELTS without any tension.”

Read a text message received from one of our Medics hours after their IELTS Academic exam.

We know how hard our Medics study and practice in order to achieve their 7.0-7.5 and progress with their healthcare careers in the UK. That’s why we do our best to make sure that when they take the exam with us, it goes as smoothly as possible.

You see, here at IELTS Medical, we believe that a relaxed exam day is essential to a great performance. It’s why we’ve partnered with a national exam centre, to deliver a set of small, closed official  IELTS Academic examinations exclusively for our Medics – we even provide lunch!

Only 16 Medics can sit the exam with us, and we’ve got 9 spaces left for  our next exam on Saturday 25th March, 2017… is one of them yours? Call 0203 637 6722.


The importance of planning… (IELTS Writing)

  • By Tony

It is important to plan. My experience of the exam and students of IELTS, is that they complain, “I didn’t have enough time.”

I hear this over and over again and it is my firm belief that “not enough time” is a result of poor planning.

How do I plan?

Planning can take on many guises, but the one I use most is a thing called a “spider diagram” or more commonly “mind map”. This is a good way of marshaling your thoughts before putting pen to paper and although it takes time, you can deliver an essay on time and with little panic.

There is an example of one:

Q) “In some countries young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school and starting university studies”

Discuss advantages and disadvantages for young people who decide to do this.

As you can see, just jotting down a few key ideas into the spider diagram, can organise your thoughts before you begin the essay. The glory of this method is that you can edit your plan quickly and easily without losing precious time.

Is reaching a high score in your IELTS Academic Writing part of your plan? Call 0203 637 6722.


New Official Examination Date: Saturday 25th March

As usual, the representatives of the British Council will be here from 8:30am in order to check your entries and identification. You will need your passport or EU ID to register. The exam fee is £160.

Please remember that this is a closed examination ie. only IELTS Medical students will be permitted to sit the exam with us at our Kentish Town centre. Results will be released on 7th April, 2017.

As we prepare for the examinations, we will be holding 2 mock examinations and 1 Writing Workshop (by IELTS Simon) on the following dates:

  • Saturday 4th March, 2017 (9 spaces). IELTS Medical Mock Examination.
  • Saturday 11th March, 2017 (9 spaces). Official Mock Examination.
  • Sunday 19th March, 2017 (9 spaces).  Writing Workshop by IELTS Simon.

Please note that we can only accommodate 10 more people for this examination and a hot lunch will be served at 12:30pm. Places are first come, first served. Please call 0203 637 6722 to register your place.

Thank you and – as always – To Your Success.