IELTS Medical: What we do for nurses

  • By Ruta

There is an increasing number of overseas nurses who want to work in the UK. Healthcare professionals who want to work as nurses in the UK have to pass an IELTS exam to obtain an IELTS certificate. The requirement is for nurses to score 7.0.

Although the demand is high, our centre is the only one in the UK that specialises in IELTS preparation for medical professionals. We run daily classes in which we offer IELTS speaking, reading, writing and listening practice. We want to ensure stress-free preparation for our medics and that is why our daily single classes have a maximum of 4 medics. We also offer one-to-one lessons!

After passing the IELTS exam you will then have to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in order to be able to start working. We know that the whole process might look too demanding but we are here to help every step of the way and are happy to offer any NMC advice you might need.

If you are an overseas nurse who wants to continue their career in the UK but are unsure about the chances of obtaining the required IELTS test scores, call us on 0203 637 6722 and let’s work on your future together.





As our last workshop with IELTS SIMON received a lot of praise and the tickets were completely sold out, we decided to invite Simon again, only this time the workshop will focus on improving your Reading skills.

IELTS Simon will be coming to our new centre on the 23rd of April. He will teach you how to best approach the reading questions, provide you with some useful resources to prepare for the exam and answer all your questions. You can book your place for the IELTS Simon Reading workshop online or by calling 0203 637 6722

Also, if you missed the writing workshop but wanted to attend or are now interested to learn from Simon, you can purchase the full video course online. Plus, the first 50 people who do so before the end of March, using the code: e@rlybird2017 will receive a discount. Hurry up, there is only a few days left!



  • By Ruta

As you probably know, we have recently opened an IELTS Medical centre in Highgate.

Next week we will be moving to our new centre and all the classes starting from the 3rd of April will be in Highgate. The centre is much bigger than the one in Camden and we hope that the students will find this move a nice change of environment. The address of our new centre is as follows:

17 Highgate High Street


N6 5JT

How to get there:

The Highgate space is served by the 143, 210, 214 and 271 routes. The closest tube station is Archway (Northern Line) and then it’s a short (3-4 stops) bus ride to either Bisham Gardens or South Grove.

See you next week in our new centre!


IELTS Simon Part II: Reading Workshop on the 23rd of April!

  • By Ruta

We are very pleased to announce that our Sunday’s workshop hosted by the IELTS Simon sold out and was a huge success. The below is a snippet of the feedback we’ve had since:

“I thought that the workshop was very good.  I would definitely recommend it to other students who want to improve their writing skills. It has solved a lot of problems for me. It helped me to solve some of my writing problems” – Dr. P, Surrey.

“Before the workshop I was not confident in my writing abilities. However, after the workshop, I feel that I have improved a lot.” – Dr. Z, London.

“I thought that the workshop was excellent and provided organised guidelines about how to prepare for different writing tasks. It also provided a lot of additional resources” – Dr. N,  London.

More IELTS Simon!

Since the workshop was such a success and there were some people who could not attend due to limited places, we are happy to inform you that:

  1. If you missed the event, you can purchase the full video course online. Plus, the first 50 people do do so before the end of March, using the code: e@rlybird2017 will receive a discount. More here
  2. IELTS SIMON will be returning to our centre on the 23rd of April to host a Reading workshop.

Get ready with us… Call 0203 637 6722.


IELTS Exam this Saturday!

  • By  Ruta

A final reminder about the next examination that will be taking place this Saturday, the 25th of March in our Camden center.

Students who feel confident about their skills and feel prepared for their IELTS exam are encouraged to book a place. There are only 6 places left!

Do not forget that lunch will be provided as well as moral support from our staff!

To book a place call 0203 637 6722.



  • By Ruta

Do not miss the last chance to book your place at this week’s special writing workshop with one of the most accomplished and qualified IELTS tutors.

IELTS Simon is coming to London this weekend to be our guest star at this Sunday’s writing workshop. The students who were taught by Simon all agree that he is an exceptional tutor. The number of people who want to learn from him speaks for itself – IELTS SIMON has more than 572,000 followers on Facebook and more than 50,000 subscribers on Youtube.

Learning from IELTS Simon would undoubtedly help you prepare for your IELTS exam, so do not miss your chance and book your place online or call us 0203 637 6722.

A reminder of what will be covered during the workshop:

Part 1: What the examiner is looking for.

Part 2: IELTS Academic model essays and why they won’t show you what 9.0 looks like.

Part 3: Task 2 theory.

Break for lunch (provided).

Part 4: Task 2 practice.

Part 5: Task 1 theory.

Part 6: Task 1 practice.





The date for the next IELTS Academic examination that will be held at our centre is next Saturday, the 25th of March.

As you probably already know, your results will be delivered within 13 days and will be available to download from the British Council website. Remember that we also provide delicious lunch served after Listening, Reading and Writing papers and there will a maximum of 15 other medics taking the exam with you.

So if you feel confident about your skills and are ready to take your exam next Saturday, call 0203 637 6722.

However, if you feel like you still need time and more preparation in order to succeed, do not hesitate to call us to book a lesson. We promise to do everything we can to help you achieve your goals.