OET Tutor Profile: Dr. Maja

Dr. Maja
  • Specialties: OET Speaking (Medicine) and Writing (Medicine).
  • Dr. Maja is usually here on Saturdays and Sundays.
A little bit about yourself
I am a multi-lingual (English and Polish) FY1 doctor. In my spare time, I like to sing and belong to a Gilbert and Sullivan group. I should know Arabic, but really don’t… I’d love to learn one day.
Your academic background
I have an MBBS and a BSc in Medical Science with Haematology from Imperial.
Teaching experience
 I have taught many classes mostly to undergraduate medical students.
Why did you start teaching?
 I really want to help doctors from abroad to improve their medical English – it’s as simple as that.

Would you like to study with us? Call the IELTS Medical Team on: 0203 637 6722.

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