Examiner Profile: Luisa

  • Examines Speaking and Writing.
  • Luisa examines our mock exams.
A little bit about yourself

I am a bilingual (Italian) DELTA qualified IELTS examiner practicing in West London. I have a passion for languages and enjoy helping other people learn English.

I have taught English at a university, which was a rewarding experience as it meant being able to teach English to people who were of mixed abilities and mixed nationalities.

All of this experience helped me to acquire good interpersonal skills, as well as management skills. On various occasions I have had a more senior role. For example, I had a two week Department of Studies (IELTS) position in Repton and Plymouth.

I have also  prepared people for the Cambridge and Trinity suite of examinations.

Your academic background

I hold a BA in Italian, TESOL, CELTA and DELTA. I am also currently completing an MA in Linguistics.

Experience as an Examiner

I am an Examiner for the IELTS spoken and written examinations and an Assessor for Trinity College London and OCR. In addition, I have created academic programmes, taught academic skills and been involved in teacher training.

Why did you become an IELTS Examiner?

I wanted to take the next step in my career. Being an examiner allows me to have access to more knowledge of the exam. I also learned more about the curriculum for IELTS and now have the inside knowledge and the ability to prepare a candidate to the baseline.

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