Our Results

Case study 1: Dr. A.  
Qualified in Turkey.

Dr. A arrived at IELTS Medical with one goal; to obtain the scores he needed for GMC registration. As he had not taken the IELTS exam before, together we devised a simple 3-step plan:

  • Prepare thoroughly.
  • Take the exam once.
  • Obtain the required scores.

His journey

Dr. A enrolled onto the I10 Weekday/Weekend Split course and was adept at identifying his academic strengths and weaknesses.  He consistently attended classes, completed his tasks on time and practiced at home – all whilst holding a full time NHS job! As the exam approached, he enrolled onto the IELTS Medical Mock Examination in order to be sure that he would achieve the 3-step plan.

His results


Case study 2: Mr. K.  
Qualified in Pakistan.

Mr. K arrived at IELTS Medical with strong scores in his Reading, Listening and Speaking. Scoring 6.5 in his Writing, however, held him back from the GMC’s requirement.

His journey

Mr. K enrolled onto the I10 Writing course and his determination to obtain a minimum of 7.0 in his Writing was evident.  He consistently attended writing classes, produced writing for marking, incorporated tutors’ feedback into his work and diligently prepared to succeed. This is all whilst studying a demanding, full-time Medical course! As the exam approached, he enrolled onto the IELTS Medical Writing Workshop, followed by the IELTS Medical Mock Examination to ensure that he was ready for this attempt to be the one.

His results


Case study 3: Dr. A.  
Qualified in France.

Dr. A reached out to IELTS Medical from France to enrol onto the I10 Skype Writing course.  Her will to master what she felt was her weakest IELTS Academic skill, inspired the IELTS Medical team to assist her in order for her to achieve her first step towards her GMC registration.

Her journey

Dr. A adopted the 3 step plan (1) Prepare thoroughly; 2) take the exam once; 3) obtain the required scores) and kept her cool throughout, despite combining her IELTS Academic preparation with her job! As the exam approached, she selected 1:1 Speaking classes and, the weekend before her exam, even special guest starred into one of our Saturday classes and happened upon a fellow Francophone…

Her results

Case study 4: Dentist S.  
Qualified in Bulgaria.

Dentist S arrived at IELTS Medical almost as soon as she arrived in the UK. Keen to resume working as a dentist, from day one, she navigated her course like a pro. Her effort was commendable and she worked incredibly hard to achieve the 3-step plan to register with the GDC.

Her journey

Dentist S enrolled onto the I10 Reading and I10 Writing course and communicated her academic needs clearly. After completing  her IELTS Medical Mock examination, she then used the results to design her own one:one courses as the exam approached. Practicing with our tutors and examiner almost daily, it was clear that Dentist S was ready to achieve the 3-step plan.

Her results

  • Listening 7.5
  • Reading 7.0
  • Speaking 6.5
  • Writing 6.5

Overall: 7.0

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