• By Anna

Our next IELTS exam is getting closer and closer (25th of November, 2017), so it is a good time to start revising what you have already learnt.

I do realise this time of year is not really that motivating when it comes to sitting down and opening your IELTS textbook. However, with a right mind-set, even the rainy, windy evening can become a perfect opportunity to have a date with your English notes.

Google a cosy café nearby and bring your notes with you there. It has actually been proven that some café background noise helps you focus. If you do not feel like leaving your house, this is a website which allows you to actually turn on different kinds of background noise to help you study.

If staring at your notes bores you to death, we have a solution for that too. What better way to train your listening skills than listen to an interesting podcast whilst you, e.g. have a relaxing bath? Check out the BBC podcasts website to get some ideas.

Are you free on Sunday 12th of November? Well, guess what – we have a perfect opportunity for you! IELTS Simon is coming to visit us to give a Reading and Writing skills workshop. If you are level 6.0-6.5, you should definitely book your ticket now. The workshop will take approximately 6 hours and it has a cosy, friendly atmosphere and lunch included.

Get cosy with us… call on 0203 637 6722.


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