NMC OSCE Course – Getting ready for Helen and Mel from MyNursesLife

NMC OSCE Course – Getting ready for Helen and Mel from MyNursesLife

  • By Anna

The final stage of registration for overseas qualified nurses is the OSCE. The role of this test is to measure the candidates against the current UK pre-registration standards. Nursing in the UK is made up of separate fields of practice, each requiring three years of pre-registration undergraduate education.

The OSCE will test our nurses on their communication and clinical skills, as well as decision making and handling difficult situations. It is made up of six stations, each lasting 15 minutes. Four of the stations will be scenario based and relate to:

1) assessment- holistic patient centred,

2) planning,

3) implementation,

4) evaluation.

All of which are stages of nursing and midwifery care, where you will be expected to apply your theoretical nursing knowledge to a real-life situation. Two stations will be testing practical clinical skills. You have to keep in mind that in order to pass the exam, you will have to have done many of the nursing/midwifery scenarios before.

At IELTS Medical we offer OSCE preparation courses for nurses, in cooperation with the MyNursesLife. Helen and Mel are registered nurses and together our goal is to assist overseas qualified nurses to gain employment within UK hospitals (both NHS and private healthcare).

Our next OSCE coaching will take place next week, starting from 7th of December and it will last 3 consecutive days in the Whittington Hospital.

Working in small groups, our nurses will receive coaching and guidance to help you pass the OSCE first time. We simulate a clinical environment, presenting you with scenarios that you will likely encounter as a Registered Nurse. At the end of the course you will be invited to sit a mock examination that is assessed.

Both Helen and Mel are registered NHS nurses and enjoy guiding our nurses to OSCE success.

Pass OSCE with us… Call 02036376722!


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