How long will it take me to get my score?

By AnnaAs an IELTS Medical Administrator, I have to admit that it is one of the most frequent questions and at the same time – one of the most difficult ones to answer directly. This is due to the fact that the answer itself depends on many various factors.Your previous IELTS score and the score you are aiming at.It will more likely take more time for a Nurse A to score 7.0 if her last IELTS score was 5.5 [...]

easy ways to expand your vocab - img

Easy ways to expand your vocabulary

By AnnaExpanding your vocabulary is crucial while preparing for the IELTS test. It will definitely make it easier as you go through each skill on the exam. Having a broad vocabulary will also help you in your everyday life as words are one of the key predictors of someone’s profession, education level or social status. The question now is – how to actually expand your vocabulary? The easiest and fastest way is to read. And not only books. If you [...]


Nurse E needed IELTS 7.0, but preferred the 8.0

By EmmaOne of our most hardworking and determined nurses, has now passed the IELTS exam with a phenomenal score of 8.0. Nurse E only spent 3 weeks with us here at IELTS Medical; where she dominated i10 Advanced writing. Nurse E first came to IELTS Medical, with the intention to go 0.5 up a band as she had a score of 6.5 in writing. As we all know – to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), a nurse needs an overall score of [...]


Winter Wonderland Merry-ness

By AnnaWe are slowly bracing ourselves for the Christmas season at IELTS Medical. Soon the festive decorations will go up and Christmas music will fill in the office and we have a quite exciting announcement for our employees and students. This year’s Winter Party will take place at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland! Get your festive mood and ice-skating skills ready before the day comes. Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland has been spreading the Christmas joy for over 10 years now, so [...]


OET Class – every week

By AnnaThe Occupational English (or OET) is an alternative to the IELTS exam for nurses wishing to register for the NMC. It still tests Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing, but it does so within a healthcare context. Earlier this week, IELTS Medical welcomed medical doctor Dr Michael Laurino on board to help our nurses prepare for their OET exam. Dr Michael has a medical degree from Kings College London and a Master’s degree in Psychology from Middlesex University. He has been [...]



By AnnaOur next IELTS exam is getting closer and closer (25th of November, 2017), so it is a good time to start revising what you have already learnt. I do realise this time of year is not really that motivating when it comes to sitting down and opening your IELTS textbook. However, with a right mind-set, even the rainy, windy evening can become a perfect opportunity to have a date with your English notes. Google a cosy café nearby and bring [...]


2-Day OET (Listening; Reading; Speaking and Writing) Workshop for Nurses led by with Author and Director Gurleen Khaira.

We’re excited to announce a 2-Day OET Workshop for Nurses led by with Author and Director Gurleen Khaira. As seen on NBC, Ms. Khaira is an internationally acclaimed OET trainer, entrepreneur, and career counsellor. She has a post-graduate qualification in TESOL and has received four National awards for her work in the education sector and has been featured in national publications on numerous occasions. Her company, Khaira Education, is listed on the official OET Website as a Premium training provider. She [...]

Getting organised

How to be an organised learner

By AnnaAt IELTS Medical we understand how difficult it may be to juggle between preparation to the IELTS exam and other commitments at home or work. This article will give a few simple tips how to organise your work better.   ORGANISE YOUR MATERIAL AFTER EACH CLASS Yes, yes, we know – when you get home after a long English class, probably the last thing you want to do is to look at the material again. However it is very important [...]


TedMed – What if mental illness could be treated with electrical engineering?

Watch the results of studies by psychiatrist Kafui Dzirasa, who studies the brain’s electrical rhythms and their connections to mental illness. This talk discusses how he’s working to reduce the stigma of psychiatric illness by engineering approaches to retune our electrical brain.

getting back on the horse

Getting back on the horse

By EmmaSome of our medics have taken the IELTS exam several times and want to give up.  Or they’ve felt as though they could have done better in the exam. As the expression goes, we must ‘get back on the horse.’ By this expression, it means to keep going and to never give up no matter how difficult it is. This is just a  step you must follow in order to strive for success; a barrier to overcome. We’ve met medics who [...]


Last IELTS Simon Workshop of 2017 – Sunday 12th November

A lot of our medics follow IELTS Simon, who produces daily IELTS lessons on his website. For over a decade, IELTS Simon has been a trusted advisor on everything you need to know about the IELTS exam in a way that’s easy to understand and, most importantly, remember. Past attendees have been able to improve their Reading and Writing scores by a band, through implementing IELTS Simon’s Workshop tips and strategies to improve your IELTS skills.Here at IELTS Medical, we [...]

revising ielts

The importance of revising the content you have learned

By MartinaExams, coursework and interviews are all important steps in a person’s career. These assessments mark out stages in a person’s life and can lead to a more rewarding profession. In order to achieve good results in these assessments, revising for the exam is extremely important. At first, ideas might be confused, topics might not be clear and information might be written down in a disorganised way. If text or speeches are left un-revised and thoughts are not clear, the outcome [...]

Sun in London

Sun in London on Saturday 25th November

Sun in London is rare and according to Accuweather, Saturday 25th November 2017 is supposed to feature periods of cloud and sun… Common knowledge and scientists at Nasa agree that nothing is more important to us on Earth than the Sun. Without its h eat and light, warming our seas and brightening our atmosphere, Earth would be rather gloomy… and, well,  lifeless. The bundle of gases is incredibly important, but also rather rare on our tiny island in the Atlantic. However, the appearance of [...]

how to beat stress

How to beat stress

By RutaIn our modern society, stress is a big part of our daily journeys. Many of us who have taken tests are familiar with the terrible feeling just before the big day when our hearts start to beat uncontrollably, our hands tremble and all the knowledge that was so diligently gained through revision, appears to be gone. We have to agree that a reasonable level of stress is a normal physiological body response. However, it is crucial to learn [...]


How to prepare for your IELTS Exam

By CristinaIELTS evaluates your English level in four ways: it assesses your speaking, listening, writing and reading and determines your ability to communicate with employers, professors, any individuals or professionals in an English speaking country such as United Kingdom. By following the three steps below you will be better prepared for your IELTS test and you will be able to receive the results that you desire. The first step is to improve your English It takes a lot of energy and time [...]


The importance of feedback from tutors

By CristinaFeedback is an essential part of effective learning. It helps learners understand the subject being studied and provides them with clear guidance on how to enhance their learning. According to researchers, academic feedback is more strongly linked to achievement than any other teaching behaviour. This relationship is consistent regardless of socio-economic status, ethnicity, or school setting. Feedback can improve a student’s confidence, self-awareness and enthusiasm for learning. Providing students engage with feedback, it should enhance assessment performance and [...]


On location this September… in sunny Slough

By LidiaLocated 20 miles west of Central London, in the area of Berkshire, Slough is one of the most ethnically diverse towns in the UK – with 150 languages spoken. Its rapid economic development is attributed to its high immigration rates. We are excited to be going on location to Slough this September. By this, we aim to reach out to and help a small group of medics to get ready and succeed in the Academic IELTS exam. Tell me more about your initiative [...]

weekend classes

Can you join evening and weekend classes for working medics?

By Lidia Would evening and weekend classes suit you? Some of our medics work 5 days a week and still wish to prepare for the IELTS exam… We take our hats off to you and we’ll assist you by offering you:Personalised tuition tailored around your strengths and weaknesses, delivered by specialist IELTS tutors and examiners An open and friendly environment  in which we encourage like-minded medical professionals to build their network and lasting friendships. Flexibility around class days and timesWe believe it is important [...]


Reading and Writing Workshop with IELTS Simon

By LidiaDear Medics, You’ve asked – and we listened. We are very excited to let you know we shall host a writing and reading workshop with IELTS Simon on Sunday, 24th of September, 2017. Who is Simon? Based in Manchester, IELTS Simon is one of the most accomplished and renowned IELTS tutors. With over 572,000 followers on Facebook and more than 50,000 subscribers on Youtube, Simon uses his extensive experience as an ex-IELTS examiner to teach students how to ace the IELTS exam. For [...]


Save the date: 5th of October

By LidiaLet us start by saying a big “Well done!” to the doctors, nurses, pharmacist and lawyer who took their Academic IELTS exam on the 26th of August. Whilst the official results are yet to be released, we are confident that your dedicated preparation and hard work will pay off! If you would like to take the IELTS Academic exam in the near future, we are happy to let you know we have scheduled the next official IELTS examination for Thursday [...]