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Five Steps to IELTS Essay Writing

During our six hour Writing Workshops, one of the techniques that we show you is how to score top marks in your IELTS essays. Here are five steps to improve your IELTS writing: 1.Read the title • Highlight the key words in order of priority. • Find synonyms and examples to paraphrase key words. • Define the type of question you must answer. 2. Note down your ideas • Divide the issue into two perspectives – positive and negative. • Note down arguments for and against [...]


Subtly tell the examiner what score you came for

Today, our Senior Tutor Tamlin tackled the mistake that a lot of students make when writing an introduction to their essay. Here at IELTS Medical, we believe that the way you open your essay signals to the examiner what score you’re there to achieve.  To give you an example, what’s wrong with ending your introduction to the following question, in the following way? Question “The success  in athletic or artistic activities is born and not made – to what extent do you [...]


How to reach the 9.0 in Reading Part 1

“The best thing about reading and why it’s possible to score 9.0, is because all of the answers are right in front of you” – IELTS Medical Tutor Johanna. One of the most common type of reading question is the: Yes/No/Not Given or True/False/Not Given question. In order to successfully tackle this type of question, Tutor Johanna recommends following the following pattern when you’re reading the text. If the question is literally there in the passage, answer: “Yes.” If the opposite is true, [...]

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