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“Your centre is too far”

  At IELTS Medical, we aim to offer an excellent service by catering to the individual needs of all of our students. Being on the receiving end of several phone calls from dedicated overseas students, I felt the system had to be updated in order to extend help to those who cannot physically attend our classes. It is for this reason that IELTS Medical now offers classes via Skype. Lessons are delivered by our specialist tutors to students, who now have the [...]


‘It’s getting a bit festive in here…’

  Where is everyone going on the 18th of December? Yes that is right – The Salisbury in Covent Garden. Our much awaited Christmas Party is finally around the corner. Please join us next Sunday, 16.00 onwards for a great night of Fun, Festivities and Food (the 3 big F’s).   To get everyone into the Christmas spirit, there will be a lot of singing and dancing involved – think Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé. Not a fan of karaoke? No worries [...]


“I will never get a 7.5”

“I will never get a 7.5,” I heard one of the students say during their first class. Some others were concerned about obtaining scores between 5.5 and 6.5 during their first attempt at the IELTS exam, despite how hard they worked. It can be extremely discouraging to put in tremendous amounts of effort and not have that reflected in the scores. At IELTS Medical, our tutors work day and night to ensure that teaching is tailored around a student’s individual needs. [...]


Introducing IELTS Medical – Video

IELTS Medical is a daily intensive preparation centre for IELTS and OET for nusing (NMC). Our goal is simple… To assist medical professionals to the 7.0 – 7.5 / OET grade B for registration with the GDC, GMC, GPhC, NMC or RVCS. We do this successfully in an average of 49 days from our preparation centres located in North and Central London.


Mock IELTS Academic Exams – Same Day Results

A lot of our medics choose to take the IELTS Academic exam, knowing that they’re not ready to do so. They cite a lot of reasons for this: “I wanted to know what to expect”; “I needed the practice”; “The more times I take the exam, the better I’ll be.” Well, what if for a fraction of the cost of taking the exam (currently £155 – £165 depending on the test location and set to rise in 2017) – you could [...]


Is the GMC’s high IELTS score requirement achievable?

From 18 June 2014, the General Medical Council (GMC)’s requirement for IELTS to satisfy the English language requisite (in order to register an overseas doctor to work in the UK) has risen to: A score of 7.0 in each of the components (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing); An overall score of 7.5. This is perceived as ‘unfair’ by many, since an overall score of 7.5 can only be achieved if a candidate scores a 7.0 in two of the four components mentioned [...]

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