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Reading and Writing Workshop with IELTS Simon

By Lidia Dear Medics, You’ve asked – and we listened. We are very excited to let you know we shall host a writing and reading workshop with IELTS Simon on Sunday, 24th of September, 2017. Who is Simon? Based in Manchester, IELTS Simon is one of the most accomplished and renowned IELTS tutors. With over 572,000 followers on Facebook and more than 50,000 subscribers on Youtube, Simon uses his extensive experience as an ex-IELTS examiner to teach students how to ace the IELTS exam. For [...]


Save the date: 5th of October

By Lidia Let us start by saying a big “Well done!” to the doctors, nurses, pharmacist and lawyer who took their Academic IELTS exam on the 26th of August. Whilst the official results are yet to be released, we are confident that your dedicated preparation and hard work will pay off! If you would like to take the IELTS Academic exam in the near future, we are happy to let you know we have scheduled the next official IELTS examination for Thursday [...]


Three Tips to Improve Your Listening Skills

By Lidia Whilst preparing for the Academic IELTS exam, it is important that you do not fail to study for the listening test. Tell me more about the listening test… The IELTS Listening test takes around 30 minutes, and you will have extra 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.  The test consists of four parts, which are to be found on four separate web pages. The test has 40 questions; and each question carries one mark. How can I [...]


Let’s Talk Motivation

By Lidia If given a formula, one could argue that motivation consists of performance and ability. Furthermore, studies on motivation assert one individual reaches levels of peak when a task is neither too simple nor too complicated. This article aims to translate the science of motivation into specific steps our medics can take to keep themselves motivated whilst preparing for the IELTS exam this Saturday. Start with why Remind yourself what made you pursue a medical career. Why you made the decision [...]


Introducing IELTS Nurses

By Lidia Leaving your homeland to settle in a new country is a challenging yet exciting process. Recent employment data released by the NHS indicates that nurse job vacancies have risen to unprecedented levels due to severe nursing shortages and high demands of an aging population. For our nurses, we’ve created IELTS Nurses to help overseas qualified healthcare professionals to register with the NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council) and thus enable them to advance their career in UK. More information on the [...]

official ielts academic exam

The next IELTS Exam – what you need to know

By Lidia The 26th of August marks the date of the next Academic IELTS exam. We encourage our well-prepared, confident medical professionals to book a spot to what may represent the beginning of an exciting career journey. In the article below we provide you information on the most common questions we encounter from our medics’. What does the Academic IELTS examination involves? The Academic IELTS examination involves testing around four language skills, namely Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. For more information on [...]

coffee chat with medical doctor T

Coffee chat with medical Doctor T

By Lidia Tell me a bit about your background I am an overseas medical doctor originally from Sudan. I have been living in the UK for the last two years. It was a keen desire to help people by easing their pain that inspired and motivated me to pursue a medical career. What did you enjoy most about being a medical student? There are a few things I enjoyed about medical school, ranging from studies to extracurricular activities. Highlights include surgery and volunteering. [...]


Why awareness matters

By Lidia Self-awareness can be defined as one individuals’ ability for introspection as a way to acknowledge and recognise the way it perceives its feelings, strengths, weaknesses and motivations. World renowned psychologist, Daniel Goleman, identified self-awareness as one of the realms of emotional intelligence and a critical skill for top performance and leadership. This article aims to provide our medics’ three ways in which they can use self-awareness whilst preparing for the IELTS exam: Firstly, awareness of one’s learning style is essential [...]


How to Improve Your Speaking

By Lidia The vast majority of our medics are fluent in English, i.e. they express ideas clearly and easily during IELTS classes. Nonetheless, despite their good oral skills, the IELTS speaking exam still represents a challenge, mainly due to pronunciation, vocabulary and time constraints. Here are a few fun tips that will significantly improve your communication and help with your preparation for the IELTS speaking exam. Please do enjoy yourself whilst practicing! Listen Start your day by listening to the morning news. [...]


Why summer is a great time to study for IELTS

By Lidia To all our overseas medical professionals – we would like to sincerely apologise for the “wet” Summer weather. Still, our suggestion for the summer is simple: combine study with leisure activities. Here are a few reasons why you should begin your IELTS exam preparation sessions this summer: To improve your scores It may sound obvious, but studying throughout the summer may give you a better chance of doing well in the exam. Studies indicate that chronic stress impairs the pre-frontal cortex. [...]

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