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ielts myths debunked

How to pass the OET

By Anna Is OET a difficult test? How does it compare to the IELTS? Is it an easier option for the nurses? Are there any tips as to how to pass it first time round? These are the questions that you often ask about the Occupational English Test, OET for short. In this article I will tell you a little bit more about the exam itself and give you some tips to pass it quicker. The Occupational English Test was first [...]


Learn English through film: a guide

By Anna What is the most fun way of learning a language? Watching films and TV series! (For some it could also be playing video games, but we’re not going to focus on that now… 🙂 Learning a foreign language is already hard if you think about the grammar and pronunciation, especially if it vastly differs from your native language. Let alone the cultural differences – some concepts may not even exist in your mother tongue, so sometimes it can be [...]


How to improve your reading skills

By Anna Even if you read 7 books a week, it does not matter, unless you understand fully what you have read. Understanding what is written is called reading comprehension and it is one of the four skills you will come across doing your IELTS or OET exam. To lift your spirit a little bit, I can say that very often even native speakers struggle with reading comprehension. It could be that your vocabulary requires work, it could be that the [...]


Language tech – the best apps for learning a language

By Anna When you are learning a foreign language, especially as a busy professional, it can become quite tricky to organise some free time for yourself to sit down with your textbook and study. And when you in fact sit down with your textbook and study, you may find yourself yawning and wishing you were on a sunny island, drinking delicious cocktails. It is therefore important to make studying fun, engaging and accessible wherever you are. What is the thing that [...]


New for 2018 ielts 4 x 4

By Anna New Year usually means new beginnings.  As the old year comes to an end, it is worth thinking about New Year’s resolutions. It is a perfect time to start off fresh, no matter if in your personal or professional life. What better way to step into 2018 than to promise yourself you’ll finally get that 7.0 or 7.5 score on the IELTS exam? If you have been struggling to get the right score, the beginning of new year is [...]


Christmas lottery and Winter Party – this Sunday

By Anna This time of the year makes people all excited for many different reasons. Some love the Christmas atmosphere in the air, some just prefer when it is winter-ish outside, so they can cosy up in front of a fireplace, and some look forward to Christmas because of… THE PRESENTS. If you are one of those people who enjoy this time of year because of the great opportunity it makes to give (and receive) gifts, then we have some amazing [...]


Winter opening times

By Anna Even though we are an English learning school, we do not necessarily function like a typical school; not in terms of the holidays at least. That means that upcoming Christmas time does not mean no more classes until the New Year. Although we are in fact closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, we are open on other days. Remember that learning a language is a process and you have to be systematic and thorough in order to [...]


The benefits of being bilingual

By Anna Speaking two languages instead of just one has obvious benefits in rapidly changing, multicultural, globalised world. It is clear that being bilingual opens a lot of different doors, not only in terms of your professional career, but also in terms of your personal development. It turns out that bilingualism can have much more perks that you would think at first. The most obvious benefits would be being able to talk to a wider range of people, easier travelling or [...]


What to do when you’re stuck

  By Anna You have taken the IELTS exam multiple times already and you still cannot get the scores you need. Perhaps you were studying by yourself; perhaps you were attending classes at some English school. It could be that you are getting the score you need from three skills, while in one you still get that disappointing 6.5. Sound familiar?  There are actually a few ways to deal with that. We very often come across medics who, for some reason, have issues [...]

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