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IELTS Listening practice

By Derek In each of our weekly newsletters, we ensure to include a nod to the vast majority of listening materials that will be helpful for the IELTS exam. We recommend podcasts and programs where you can listen to English conversations that are similar to the ones you’ll hear during the test. As you’re aware during section 1, you listen to a basic conversation between two people that takes place in an regular social situation eg. between a salesperson and a [...]


How effective is online IELTS training?

By Derek A lot of overseas medics reach out to us for training from their home country. Through our work with IELTS and English language experts, we aim to deliver the best training to meet our medics’ goals. We’re based in London and have see many medics through the the IELTS and OET exam in person at our centres, closer to their homes when we’re on location (eg. September in Slough) and online. Pre-recorded Online Courses We believe that when medics wonder about the [...]


100% CBT (NMC) pass rate

By Derek The journey to NMC registration for overseas qualified nurses can be rather lengthy. If you are an EU nurse, your journey to registration consists of proof of English language proficiency. For overseas nurses, it is a longer process with a additional requirement in the form of the CBT and the OSCE. Since the English language requirement change in November 2017, however, the IELTS/OET exam is no longer a pre-requisite to registering for the CBT. The CBT stands for Computer Based Test. [...]


Is the Home Office blocking international doctors?

By Derek with credit to inews Recent limits imposed by the Home Office on the number of overseas medics have sparked outrage among foreign doctors. Reports from companies, such as BDI Resourcing, has raised concerns over 54 doctors who have recently accepted jobs in UK hospitals, only to arrive in the UK to be told that their certificate of sponsorship (CoS), a document necessary to work as a doctor, are “unavailable”. Junior doctors working in areas such as elderly care [...]


Meet the Examiner Webinar

The most frequently feedback we hear from IELTS test takers is that after the exam, all they receive is a sheet of paper with a score on it and no further information about why they have been assessed at the score they have been. We feel your pain and have our own theories as to why the British Council takes this approach. Here at IELTS Medical we have IELTS Speaking and Writing examiners on the team, who are able [...]

nmc osce review


By Anna  When you are a nurse wanting to register with the NMC, the last step, after completing the language requirements and passing the CBT is moving to the OSCE exam which will test your practical nursing skills. During the OSCE exam, the nurses and midwives are required to act out certain scenarios which will assess their clinical skills. There are six separate stations using simulated patients in a clinical setting, each lasting between 10-20 minutes; the first four stations will [...]


The Best Time For OSCE Review

By Anna Any exam or test is usually a very stressful event. I, for example, remember my driving exam as the most stressful day in my entire life, even the exams that I had when I studied at the university were nowhere near as stressful as that driving exam was. It got to the point where I didn’t know how to control the stress level and eventually failed the test. It was only when I learned how to prepare mentally [...]


How To Fulfil Your New Year’s Resolutions?

By Anna I have some tips for you as for how to make sure you actually stick to the plan. Well, first of all – make a plan. If your resolution is studies-focused, especially when it comes to IELTS, it can’t just be ‘This year I will get 7.5 on my exam’. That’s too general and too much wishful thinking. If you want to succeed, you need to commit. If your starting point is 6.0 in Writing and you need [...]

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