OET (Medicine) Writing Guide for Doctors

OET (Medicine) Writing Guide for Doctors — OUT NOW

We’ve done it again! In stock and shipping now is the OET (Medicine) Writing Guide for Doctors. In order to succeed in the Writing exam of the OET Medicine, overseas qualified doctors need to be able to write a discharge/referral or transfer letter to a healthcare professional or a letter of advice to a member of the public. This requires knowing letter writing convention and also the best methods for selecting the correct information to put into the letter, so [...]

OET for doctors

You Can Meet the GMC’s Requirement With OET Medicine Instead of IELTS

By Elisa For the GMC (General Medical Council) all doctors who practice medicine in the UK must have the necessary knowledge of English. The most important reason for this is to ensure that doctors communicate effectively, so they do not put the safety of their patients at risk. Communicating includes speaking, reading, writing and listening. In order to satisfy the GMC’s English language requirements, you can provide two different sorts of certifications: IELTS and OET (Medicine). In my opinion, the test [...]


OET Live Mock Exam

By Elisa Everyone knows that the more times you practice, the better you’ll be. Our healthcare professionals have shown that the Occupational English Test is an exam that with the right amount of attention and practice, can open professional doors that were previously closed. The OET is a test that our medics should be able to pass on the first attempt. This is the reason that in addition to our the in-person OET (Nursing) and OET (Medicine) courses that we have in [...]

nmc osce review

Have you received your OSCE decision letter?

By Ben  Having assessed your application I am satisfied that you meet the minimum requirements to progress to part two of the test of competence; as a result you can now book your Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). Following (up to) 40 days of waiting for the NMC to reply to your application – an application that likely includes a 7.0 Score / B grade at IELTS or OET level and a CBT pass – the above words are welcomed news [...]

rock exams

Tips to #rock your language exams

By Elisa Everyone loves language exams, right? The amazing union of stress and pressure that embrace you when you start a course and doesn`t go away until the result is released. So! Since we all “love” this feeling, I will give you some tips to rock on your language exam! 1. Prioritize your revision Unfortunately, every exam is unique, with a certain set of specific skills being tested. Plan ahead, make sure you know exactly what aspects of the language are being tested [...]

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