OET (Medicine) Speaking Guide – Book and DVD

OUT NOW In order to succeed in the Speaking section of the Occupational English Test (Medicine), overseas qualified doctors need to know what the test involves and how to improve their skills to the level required by the exam. This book is a complete guide to OET Speaking (Medicine) success and it contains clear instructions and practice questions. The OET (Medicine) Speaking Guide is produced by IELTS Medical, a training centre for medical professionals. Our writers and editors are NHS medical [...]

Hand writing

Doctors’ handwriting…

By Elisa Today I am going to talk about a really serious matter: Our doctors’ handwriting! Is the stereotype true? Here at IELTS Medical we support many doctors, who have a brilliant and focused minds. The only weakness that you can find in them is when you collect the homework and you notice their handwriting… sometimes it’s shocking. Long story short actually illegible handwriting is not the end of the world. Research suggests that it could mean many different things about the person’s psychology. Individuals with [...]

oet for nurses

OET Nursing The #Complete Guide

By Elisa As you already know we produced a complete medicine guide two months ago and a writing medicine guide just one month ago, because we love to help our medics to achieve their goals, and OET is one of the most popular language assessments so far. Recently, a high percentage of nurses and midwives have been enquiring for our intensive 4×4 OET course, considering that it is a great option if someone is fed up with the IELTS exam and wants [...]


IELTS Medical on the GDPR

By Gurjit The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force this Friday… but what does this mean for you? The GDPR will be bringing up to speed all of the personal data laws across Europe in this ever increasing and popular digital era. The new Regulation will be boosting your rights and will give you more control over how your information is taken and handled….the power will be in your hands.  It will also change and enforce how businesses [...]

Monday to Thursday OET course

Monday to Thursday for OET City Courses

By Gurjit We’ve started OET courses from Monday to Thursday at our Brand New Marylebone Centre in Central London! You will all be glad to hear that you can now book yourself onto an Occupational English Test from Monday to Thursday’s due to the great demand. So whether you are not available due to any work commitments or due to family arrangement or whatever it may be… not to fear and no excuses. OET courses will be running from Monday to Thursday and [...]


“Now you have a choice” – Dr. D’s IELTS to OET journey

By Elisa The first contact we had from Dr. D was a tentative phone call over a year ago: “I’m just wondering if you can help me with my IELTS exam?” He inquired. We could – after all, our tutor team includes British Council certified IELTS examiners. However, Dr. D was so close to achieving 7.5 overall that he decided to study on his own. We wished him well and asked him to keep in touch. Two months ago I received a call from [...]

Tic toc doc OET game

Have you heard about our game?

By Elisa If you don’t have anyone to practice your OET speaking this blog post is for you! A few days ago, we met with a few of our medics who attended the OET course and completed the mock OET exam with us. They were sad that they couldn’t find anyone willing to practice their OET speaking – even their best friends were getting bored of speaking practice for an exam they’d only just heard of a few weeks ago! It gave us a #lightbulb [...]

oet reading

OET Reading Techniques

By Elisa Today I am going to give you some reading techniques tips which are going to be useful on the “big day”. Each Reading test is different you could have a reading and comprehension with multiple choices answers or a fill in the gaps, in each of them you need to use different technique. I am going to show you some of them: Elimination process An important multiple choice strategy is to eliminate the incorrect answers before making a selection. This [...]

changing your life with oet

Not an ordinary story

By Elisa Going abroad might seem a simple process, but is not – especially if you are in the healthcare industry and you want to practice your profession as you do in your homeland. That’s why I thought that I’d mention one of our student’s story that really moved me. It was a mellow Friday morning in central London and I was in the office waiting for students to arrive for their 10am lesson. The very first one to arrive was doctor A, the [...]

medical summer courses

Getting ready for Summer

By Elisa The winter is almost gone and IELTS Medical is getting ready for our international medics travelling here from all over the world to join us for the Summer! In association with an experienced team of immigration solicitors, we’re inviting the very best doctors and nurses to study either IELTS or OET and either CBT or Plab 1. What’s more, in association with our hospital clients, they will have a and a guaranteed interview with an organisation who is ready, willing [...]

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