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failing the NMC OSCE

Failing the NMC OSCE

By Gurjit If you fail the NMC OSCE exam, all is not lost. You are allowed to re-sit, however there are limits and restraints on when and how many times so do read on carefully. All overseas qualified nurses that wish to register with the NMC in the UK will be required to pass the NMC OSCE exam. The OSCE is a practical test you need to pass prior to registering with the NMC. Since April 2017 the registration process has [...]


Our in-hospital London NMC OSCE Course

By Gurjit Calling all professional nurses that are looking to go register with the NMC, we have a maximum of 12 places available on our OSCE course which is starting on Thursday 14th June 2018. Our NMC OCSE review ranges from 3 to 5 days and our nurses will be given coaching, guidance and continuous feedback to help you pass first time. The course is presented with a combination of classroom and practical training. Day 1 and Day 2 of our NMC OSCE course you [...]

oet mock exam

Taste the OET with a mock for starters

By Gurjit A great way to get a real taste of how it would be like to sit the OET Exam will be is to sit the mock test. Not only will you get a feel of the real exam conditions that will take place on your big test day, but you can also gage whether or not you need more time to study or practice on a particular area. The OET Live Mock Test takes place twice a month at [...]

oet results for may

May #OETresults are coming next Tuesday

By Elisa The May #OETresults are coming next Tuesday! Did that give you a shiver? Are you suddenly nervous, panicking and stressed out? Let me guess… you are probably one of the healthcare professionals who did last month’s OET exam, right? The cure for OET exam result stress is: us of course! Just kidding…or maybe not… Look, I know that waiting for the exam results is as stressful as doing an exam itself. So I will give you couple of tips to get a rid [...]

new OET

OET Course Updates June 2018

In line with the new version of the OET, we’re making some changes to our OET Course. From 6th July, 2018 we will have two versions of our OET (Medicine) and OET (Nursing) course: The current i10 OET will be be known as i10 OET Countdown for which there are only 2 intakes left:  15th June, 2018 6th July, 2018 Once the i10 OET Countdown is done, we will no longer be offering courses tailored to the old version of the OET. Our brand new OET [...]

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