Monthly Archives - July 2018


City NMC OSCE at Marylebone / UCLH

It’s that time again! The 1st of August marks our next City NMC OSCE – it’s PURE APIE followed by the standard 3 and 5 day NMC OSCE. The course starts at our City branch in Marylebone, W1H and is followed by a session at the ward of UCLH hospital around the corner. You can find more information on our NMC OSCE course at but here’s a brief recap of our successful 3-day NMC OSCE course which looks like this: Day [...]


Electric Sharpener

By Elisa Today I am going to talk about one of our most successful and special students, Doctor A. What was particularly memorable about Doctor A was her politeness, her willingness to do better, her strength and her positivity towards life… her obsession with Marylebone’s electric sharpener. Hours to sharpen a pencil – seriously, Doctor A? Doctor A joined our OET 4x 4 courses for doctors three intakes ago. She chose to study at our Marylebone branch.  Before reaching out to us, [...]

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