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Getting Ready For An NMC OSCE First Time Pass

The above image is a photo of our Whatsapp group (+447598311788) where our Lead OSCE Trainer Claire assisted not one… not two… but SIX out of SIX nurses to first time NMC OSCE success. As you know, UK registration for international nurses requires passing the NMC OSCE and its purpose is to satisfy UK pre-registration standards. This includes testing nurses on their communication and clinical skills. Successful nurses will have to satisfy OSCE examiners that they can make sound clinical decisions [...]

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New 2.0 Listening Material Each Week Until Christmas

As with any examination, the OET exam requires consistent practice. With the majority of our medics planning to attempt (or re-attempt) their OET examination before the end of 2018, we’re releasing exclusive OET Listening content each week until Christmas on our Youtube channel here. The audio is accessible via Youtube and via our tailor made Learning Portal, which you can find at Medics on our courses are provided with access on registration, but we’ve now extended our materials to our [...]


OET The Complete Guide – Refresh 2.0 for Nursing

By Peter As a comprehensive set of OET Nursing Materials, the OET Complete Guide – Refresh 2.0 is a set of OET textbooks for nurses preparing for their OET exam. Overseas qualified nurses need to know not just what the OET is looking for, but how to consistently provide high quality answers that demonstrate their English language proficiency. The main text OET (Nursing) The Complete Guide contains five practice tests for each OET subtest (Listening; Reading; Speaking and Writing), as well [...]

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