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Next OET Open Day – Saturday 2nd February

In just 48 hours, we’ll be hosting doctors and nurses who are curious about the Occupational English Test. Most of the doctors and nurses that we’ve invited to our open day are either IELTS Survivors or they’re intrigued about how the OET can improve their chances of registering with the NMC or GMC. The day is going to be informative, fun and most of all we promise an insight into this fascinating exam. Our medics will be able to [...]


My husband had enrolled and he has passed in first attempt..

When Dr G’s wife reached out to us in December 2018, her husband was at wits end with the IELTS exam. Having taken the IELTS twice, he was totally frustrated with the examination and keen for another solution. Dr G’s wife had heard of the Occupational English Test, but wasn’t sure on which provider would be the best for her husband. Having seen IELTS Medical’s OET Course for Doctors online, she reached out to enquire as to whether we [...]

OET Speaking App - Game

Is this the first iPhone and Android OET Speaking App?

Could this be the first Occupational English Test iPhone and Android Speaking App? Within 48 hours, our brand new OET Speaking Game Tic Toc Doc will be on the iPhone app store. Its debut on the Android platform will follow shortly afterwards. Combining OET Speaking 2.0 elements into a fun game, we’ve brought you a game that connects you to OET test takers and Native English Speakers around the world. Introducing Tic Toc Doc, the world’s first Occupational English [...]


NMC CBT UK Reviews – 4 Day London Course

We’re super excited to kick off 2019 with our 4-Day CBT Courses. Designed for nurses, by Senior Registered NHS nurses, the review provides a refresher on each of the professional domains and includes comprehensive instruction on the nursing blue print and drug calculations. The comprehensive NMC CBT Core Course covers topics across the NMC CBT including: The Nursing Blue Print Infection Control Drug Calculation for Syringe Pumps and Infusion ​ Domain 1: Professional values Domain 2: Communication and interpersonal skills Domain 3: Nursing practice and decision-making Domain [...]


Breaking News: launched – grab a seat

We’re delighted to introduce OET Online Courses and Classes for Doctors and Nurses. Led by a native OET instructor, medics meet either from 10:00 – 12:45 or 18:30 – 20:45 GMT. With courses that focus on all 4 skills (Listening; Reading; Speaking and Writing), attendees can look forward to an impactful course that is sure to help their OET preparation. Prospective medics can grab an empty seat and register themselves on the next upcoming course for live preparation each [...]


Spotlight on: OET Listening Guide Volume II Book for Occupational English Test

The Listening section of the Occupational English Test features 3 parts of sets of listening audio. Part A is a pair healthcare professional – patient consultation that requires an ability to listen for detail. Part B is a set of six multiple choice questions featuring an approximately 1 minute long audio that requires you to choose one answer from three possible choices. Finally, part C is also a set of six multiple choice questions that accompany a longer mono [...]


Occupational English Test Open Days

Perhaps you are an IELTS Survivor… Or maybe have only heard of the OET or know someone who has taken it, and you may have some questions… Well, for nurses and doctors who are curious about the Occupational English Test but don’t really know much about it, we’ve got a great open day planned for you. At our offices in Marylebone, Central London we’ve planned a full day of OET activities to give you a glimpse of what it is [...]


New GMC Welcome to UK Practice Courses for Doctors

Like us, the GMC know how tough it is for overseas qualified applicants who will be working in a new country, often with a completely different healthcare system. When added to any language and/or cultural barriers, it can be overwhelming for our medical practitioners. An extract from an account by Dr Sutapa Biswas, Consultant Neurophysiologist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust reads: I arrived alone in London, in an oversized purple coat on a drizzly spring morning. The weather [...]

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