Are you preparing for your NMC CBT exam? New to iOS – NMC CBT for Nurses the App

If you’re preparing for your NMC CBT examination and need to practice your CBT for Nurses on the go, have we got a treat for you. We’ve brought updated knowledge about the NMC CBT right into your handbags and pockets. Would you like a link? Here it is. That’s right. Our brand new CBT app is live on the iOS App store. Nurses with iPhones can look forward to the following App features NMC CBT Mock Examinations Updated NMC CBT Tips A Hotline [...]

NMC OSCE Feedback

NMC OSCE Result – “It was my best decision to join IELTS Medical for OSCE Preparation”

NMC OSCE Results … are incredibly important. Usually released within 72 hours of the NMC OSCE examination, these results determine whether or not an OSCE candidate is able to finally call themselves a nurse. The stakes are high and the pressure can get to even the toughest, most skilled practitioner. At this stage he or she would have already invested months – if not years – of their life in the process. Furthermore, presuming they required IELTS/OET and CBT [...]

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