Christina meets Manong George

Christina meets Manong George

Yesterday Christina sat down to have a chat with Youtube vlogger Manong George to discuss Filipino nurses in the UK and their path from arrival in UK to NMC Registration.

A nurse himself, Manong George has been practicing as a nurse in the UK for the last 10 years and in his videos he talks about different topics, like tips on passing IELTS, tips on passing the OET and tips on how to get a job in the UK. On your “big brother’s” channel, you’ll find videos about NMC updates and interviews of Filipino nurses who went through the same process of NMC Registration and who want to share their experience and their stories with you.

The NHS workforce includes 12,744 Filipino healthcare workers – the third largest demographic within the NHS second only to Indian and British healthcare staff.

In their chat, Christina and George touched on the necessary steps that a Filipino nurse must take as well as the exams they need to pass to ensure NMC Registration – the same exams that Manong George himself passed all those years ago. Topics they discussed included: the differences between IELTS and OET and some tips on how to pass successfully the chosen exam; how to pass the NMC CBT and NMC OSCE exams and how to navigate life in the UK post registration.

We’re super excited for you to watch the videos, which will be appearing on the IELTS Medical Youtube Channel and the Manong George Youtube channels soon.

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