Helpful ways to revise

Helpful ways to revise

- By Molly (15 articles)

Helpful ways to revise


There are many different ways to study but it's all about finding the right technique that works for you.


And today, I want to share some useful ways to help you study.


Retrieval Practice


This technique is all about writing information down and covering up the answer while trying to recall the information.

This works much more effectively than just reading the answer in a textbook as you are actively trying to memorise it.

Flash cards are a good example of this technique.


The Feynman Technique


The Feynman technique is taking all the information you already know and simplifying it so you can then explain it as if you were trying to teach someone else. Making it a great way to learn.

As this is the best way to check your understanding of something is to see if you’re able to explain it.


Leitner System


This technique is all about learning your topics and notes in a certain order.

In your mind you know exactly what to expect when a certain topic comes up and will be able to keep track of what you study.


Mind Mapping


Mind mapping is extremely effective for visual learners as you can see all your thoughts or knowledge you have on a topic right in front of you.

Then you can easily add to it as you go along. Enabling you to see the bigger picture.


Rage sheet


This technique is all about identifying which areas you need to work on the most.

How this works is you need to do a mock exam and when marking your answers make notes of the areas which you struggle with the most and start to work on them before anything else.




This is all about planning and making a specific time for you to study and put all your focus on this as it will be more effective for you and you will be able to get more done if you keep on top of things and plan ahead.


There are a lot of others techniques out there, but I hope those ones will help you for any test you might prepare. To your success!



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