Interactive Tools For NMC OSCE Revision MSU Station (MidStream Urine Sample)

Interactive Tools For NMC OSCE Revision MSU Station (MidStream Urine Sample)


As you know, the NMC OSCE is the final stage of registration for overseas qualifed nurses. It's a practical exam for which practice makes perfect. Our NMC OSCE 3-Day, 4-Day and 5-Day Courses allow our nurses to receive hands-on practice of the MSU OSCE station but registration to the course also allows our nurses to access a wealth of knowledge of the station as well as interactive tools to assist your revision. 

Interactive stations

We've modelled the NMC MSU station to give our nurses insight and practice of the skill. The tool allows you to watch the nurse instruct her patient to produce the MidStream Urine Sample, as well as her analysis of the results. Access to Interactive Stations is provided to nurses on registration. This means that when you arrive for your course, you will be able to make the best use of your practical hands-on time and your time with our Clinical Educators with knowledge of what the station entails. 

Practical "hands on" time 

Speaking of hands on time, nurses registered for IELTS Medical's NMC OSCE courses will also receive access to Practice Rooms from the course and until the big day. Once you have received correct instruction on how to perform the skills to the standard expected of you in the NMC OSCE exam, we recommend that you practice the skills that you've learned so that they become so familiar that the exam. Our Practice Rooms allow you to do just that and time can be requested on-demand via your IELTS Medical Learner's Portal.


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