What is changing in the NMC OSCE Exam For Overseas Nurses

What is changing in the NMC OSCE Exam For Overseas Nurses


  • By Alina


The NMC OSCE exam is changing this Summer to reflect the NMC’s new standards for overseas qualified nurses and midwives.

So, what’s changing?

Right now, the NMC OSCE Exam has 6 stations – Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation (APIE) and 2 skills stations from a current list of 9.

After the change, there will be 10 stations. This still includes APIE but instead of being tested on 2 skills stations, nurses will be tested on 4 skills.

New stations

·        Candidate’s values and behaviours

·        Evidence-based practice

New criteria

·        Each station will be assessed using new marking criteria that includes a holistic judgment element.  

IELTS Medical’s updating its courses

In line with the NMC’s changes, we’re updating our NMC OSCE courses to ensure that international nurses are still receiving the best the possible NMC OSCE Preparation. All of our courses until July 2020 will be tailored towards the current NMC OSCE requirements and we will keep you updated with the most up-to-date information including updates from the OSCE forums this month and in the run up to the official change.  

If you have our iOS or Android NMC OSCE app, then just like with this update, you’ll be first in line to find out the information about the new exam.

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