Update from the NMC - The NMC OSCE test centres will reopen from Monday 20 July 2020.

Update from the NMC - The NMC OSCE test centres will reopen from Monday 20 July 2020.

Update from the NMC: The NMC OSCE test centres will reopen from Monday 20 July 2020.


NMC Announcement - OSCE Test Centres To Reopen

Starting from 20 July, the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) test centres will resume testing, meaning that nurses and midwives who have trained outside of the EEA can complete their tests - and in most cases - they can finally join the NMC register. Return to Practice nurses will also be able to complete the second stage of the Test of Competence in order to rejoin the NMC register.

Will I have to do the OSCE exam if I'm on the NMC's Temporary Register?

Yes. The NMC consider passing the OSCE to be an important part of the Test of Competence. In order to demonstrate that you can practice without the conditions and supervisions that formed a necessary part of the Covid-19 temporary register, passing the OSCE is vital. Candidates who are on the temporary Register will be given priority at all three OSCE exam centres. Candidates can also continue to work on the temporary register whilst making the transition to the permanent register.

Covid-Secure Environment

All three OSCE test centres have taken special measures that will keep everyone safe in line with government guidelines. This includes: the removal of the In-hospital resuscitation skill unless a candidate needs to resit this in particular. In addition, there will be no actor on the assessment station and the patient’s temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiration and O2 saturation will not be monitored. Instead, candidates will be required to verbalise and explain how each vital sign would be taken. After this, the examiner will verbally confirm the measurements and the candidate will be provided with a flash card with the information that will need to be documented correctly on the appropriate observation charts. The time for this station has been reduced to 10 minutes (from 15 minutes).  

How the Test Centres will keep you safe (video)

For more information about these changes and what this means for you, please visit your chosen test centre website:


University of Northampton

Oxford Brookes University

Ulster University


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