About the OET Coursebook for Nurses

About the OET Coursebook for Nurses

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About the OET Coursebook for Nurses


At IELTS Medical we offer a range of textbooks. One of our popular guides amongst nurses is our guide to help nurses prepare for their OET exams, which is the Occupational English Test for Nurses which allows Nurses to prove their English skills and work and to live in an English-speaking environment.

The Occupational English Test provides an accurate assessment of a Nurses four English language skills, categorised as Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, but based around their competence in using the English Language in a medical and health professional environment.


Our guide is designed to ensure that you will be ready to take such an exam in all four categories, and not only pass it but with flying colours, we ensure this through taking you through what is required to pass each category, as well as a series of insider tips that will ensure you are ready for the exam when you plan to take it. A key feature of our guide is the additional material we supply you with such as videos of mock speaking interviews that previous nurses have found extremely helpful when passing the speaking part of the OET.


What the Textbook consists of:


·         Skill building activities.

·         Practice questions

·         Explanations and answer deconstructions

·         Mode answers for Speaking and Writing.

·         Making criteria mapping

·         Common errors to avoid and top tips for exam success.

·         Additional material such as videos of mock speaking interviews

·         Suggested reading to further expand your knowledge of the exam.


If you prefer a different version of support for the OET exams we also have an extremely helpful app that consists of different features that may be more suited to you:

·         OET writing courses in videos.

·         English grammar boosters

·         Tips to help with exam preparation.

·         OET mock exams

·         A platform to book an appointment with an experienced OET consultant and discuss the ways to achieve your plans of registering with the NMC.

·         A platform to book for one of our in-person OET courses, which will give you training and preparation to help you pass.

·         A feature that allows you take a placement test so you can find out your English level.

·         Available E-books that you can purchase and access from the app so you can revise on the go.

·         A platform where you can contact an OET expert so you can ask any question you may have about the exam and so that they can help you study.


Follow link for Textbook: https://ieltsmedical.co.uk/shop/oet-coursebook-for-nurses-the-occupational-english-test-for-nmc  

Follow link for app on:

Google Play:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oetnurses

Apple https://apps.apple.com/us/app/oet-nursing-app-for-nurses/id1465290168


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