Thank You For Helping Me To Achieve My Dream Of Becoming A UK Nurse

Thank You For Helping Me To Achieve My Dream Of Becoming A UK Nurse


It was a Wednesday morning like any other, when a text message came through on the office mobile phone. Nurse N had been asked to contact us by her friend, a fellow EU nurse, who had also trained with IELTS Medical. She had been living and working in London as a healthcare assistant, having moved here from Romania. However, her training and calling was in adult nursing, so she sought NMC registration to take the next step within the NHS hospital where she worked.

Her Journey

After a level check with our tutors, Nurse N selected our OET in-person course in London, Marylebone for 3 weeks. The 3 week course includes all four OET skills taught in person, in small groups of a maximum of six learners. It is based on our OET Complete Coursebook for Nurses that we provide to all course enrolees at the start of the course. 


OET Complete Coursebook For Nurses

Working through the book in a mixed group of OET doctors and OET nurses, under the tutelage of our soon-to-be DELTA (Equivalent of Masters in English as a Foreign Language) qualified tutor, Nurse N quickly grasped the OET material. She found that she was able to build both her English and Medical English language skills in order to face the OET exam.

Nurse N had not taken the OET exam before, so she – like many of our medics – was very keen to complete the course and also experience our OET mock examination that provides our learners with a simulation of OET Listening; OET Reading; OET Speaking and OET Writing under exam conditions. When Nurse N passed her OET mock exam, she felt sure that she was ready to face the real thing.


Her results

·         B – OET Listening

·         B – OET Reading

·         B – OET Speaking

·         B – OET Writing

Total time taken from registration at IELTS Medical to the OET Exam = 3 months.

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