What are the average doctors’ salaries in the UK?

What are the average doctors’ salaries in the UK?

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What are the average doctors’ salaries in the UK?



There are many different types of doctors out there. Even though you all share a common goal, which is to help people, your salary might differ. 


The salary of a doctor depends on how much experience they have had and what area of medicine they have chosen to specialize in.


This can be easily sorted into 4 different categories to help you understand.


      1. Foundation year 1 & 2
      2. Specialist training (ST1-ST8)
      3. Specialty doctor
      4. Consultants



Foundation year 1 & 2


Foundation year 1 & 2 is the most junior position a doctor can have, due to the fact that they are still in training at this point. This means they can expect to earn a basic salary of £28,250 -£32,700 a year.


Specialist training (ST1-ST8)


This stage of a doctor's career is important, as this is when a doctor decides the area of medicine they specialize in. Their training can last between 2 and 6 years, all depending on what area they have chosen. The salary is between £38,700 - £49,000.



Specialty doctor


Once a doctor has reached this stage, they have completed all of their training and are ready to practice medicine in their chosen field. As such, they can expect to earn a salary of £41,200 -£76,700.

The salary of a specialty doctor will all depend on their specialty area.





This is a senior doctor who practices in one of the medical specialties and accepts ultimate responsibility for the care of patients referred to them, so it is a position of considerable responsibility.

A Consultant typically works in a hospital, and their central duty is to carry out the investigations and procedures necessary to establish a diagnosis, and then to give advice and provide treatment where appropriate.


Their salary is between £82,000 and £110,000.


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