IELTS Senior Tutor: Karina

  • Specialties: IELTS Reading, Speaking and Advanced Writing plus OET Reading and Listening.
  • Karina’s usually here Monday – Friday.

A little bit about yourself

I am a Senior EFL tutor certified by the British Council, just back from teaching and examining in China. My professional background is business and finance. However, for the past 8 years I have been teaching EFL and now ESL.

I really enjoy learning languages, and I can communicate in French, Spanish and Chinese. I use this experience as a language learner to inform how I teach: fun, engaging and meaningful activities are the foundation of my lessons.

Your academic background

I have a (BA) Business Studies degree and I am studying towards a Master in Digital technologies for language teaching with the University of Nottingham. I particularly like course design and hope to do my dissertation research on online course design.

Teaching experience

I taught English in China for 6 years – mostly to children aged 7 – 16, but also university – aged students, as well as adults. I also led teacher training. I have knowledge in General English, Business English, Academic English as well as exam preparation (Trinity, KET, and IELTS).

Why did you start teaching?

I love learning, I love the learning process. I am a lifelong-learner, and I want to encourage everyone to keep learning-and I do that by making lessons enjoyable. I also love learning from and about steps. I feel I learn as much from my students, as they do from me.

Would you like to study with us? Call the IELTS Medical Team on: 0203 637 6722.

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