Lead Midwifery OSCE Trainer - Consultant Midwife Arezou

Specialities - NMC OSCE Midwifery; CPD Midwifery Courses

A little bit about yourself

I work as a Consultant Midwife in a large teaching Hospital in London.

I graduated in 1997, during my career I have worked in many areas of midwifery both private and NHS. I have vast experience in different areas of midwifery. My previous role involved educating and training staff; to give them the power of knowledge to have the extra confidence; in making an independent decision that is safe for the woman and their baby; which can result in a good outcome.

Your academic background

BSc (Hons) in Nursing, PGD in Midwifery, MSc in Midwifery

Teaching experience

During my role as a Practice Development Midwife and Clinical Practice Facilitator ; I played a key role in professional development through the identification of learning needs across the organisation, working closely with the Head of Midwifery, senior midwives, link teachers and practice development team. Work closely with Higher Education Institutions to develop, plan and implement education and development programs that meet the needs of midwives and student midwives to address the normality agenda. Provide key lectures to students and graduates at the HEI and be instrumental in the development and delivery of inter-professional learning Help to create a supportive learning environment for students and qualified staff and make a significant contribution to the recruitment and retention of competent, confident and motivated staff. Contribute to the teaching of skills around obstetric emergencies. I have experience in participation in developing curriculum writing, one of the module which I helped to develop was leadership for band 7 midwives.

Consultant Midwife Arezou completed her NMC OSCE Trainer Training course at Oxford Brookes CTC. Her T/As Queensly and Ellen completed their NMC OSCE Trainer Training courses at Oxford Brookes and Northampton respectively.

Why did you start teaching?

Teaching and Assessment is part of our role as a midwife. I enjoy passing on my knowledge and develop midwives to ensure safe delivery of acre to the women and babies.