Our Results

Results Case Study 1: Nurse L.
Qualified in Italy

Nurse L
Her journey.
Nurse L came into the centre one evening looking for a solution. Having qualified in Italy, the OET was the only thing between her and practicing as a nurse in one of the best Children’s hospitals in the country. She knew that passing the OET was something that she wanted. She also knew, however, that her healthcare assistant job required her 12 hours a day and 5 days each week. If she was going to do this and do this quickly, she needed an OET course provider that was equipped to deliver flexible courses.

Her journey.

Nurse L received her schedule from the hospital a month in advance, meaning that when she enrolled, she was able to provide the dates and times of the 10 OET Flex Sessions she required. A benchmarking exercise during her first session highlighted OET writing as the only area she needed to concentrate her tuition efforts on and she chose the OET Flex Course to support this. The OET Flex course allows you to purchase 10; 20 or 30 sessions in advance and to select any vacant sessions between 10:00 am – 9:15 pm during the week or 10:00 – 17:00 on weekends. Nurse L spaced her course out across the month of May and then attended a single revision session one week before the exam.

Her results.
Rather predictably, Nurse L achieved B-B-B-B across all 4 skills on her first attempt.

Results Case Study 2: Dr. G.
Qualified in Nepal.

Our first meeting with Dr. G was in the prescence of his father and sister. They were easing him into the hustle and bustle of London from the beautiful and mountainous Nepal. He was new to language exams and was keen to give the OET a go.

His journey

Dr. G opted for the 6 week OET (Medicine) Course that includes OET Grammar for Medicine and he diligently attended, ensuring that every box was ticked before the big day. Adapting to his new life, he enjoyed simultaneously learning the language that would serve him well in his new job and life as a UK based Medical Professional.

His results

1st attempt: B-B-B-B

Results Case Study 3: Nurse H
Qualified in Japan.

Nurse H already secured a nursing assistant job before she enrolled at the centre. Working side by side with nurses in a specialist hospital, however, gave her a glimpse into a clear career path that she wanted to pursue. Her hospital has an established OSCE program, so her task was to pass the IELTS and CBT. Coming from an academic background, she preferred the IELTS to the OET and had tried it once before, obtaining a 6.0 in Speaking and Writing.

Her journey.

Nurse H practiced her IELTS Writing consistently across 4.5 weeks, as often as her schedule would allow. She completed her homework dutifully and incorporated the feedback she had received in each new piece. Towards the end of her journey, she felt as though she required Speaking coaching, and trained on her IELTS Academic Speaking 1:1 with her tutor.

Her results.

Results Case Study 4: Nurse S
Qualified in the USA.

What can we say about Nurse S? Having trained as a nurse in the US for some time, Nurse S was already a competent nurse. Why we remember him so vividly is because he was the first nurse that attended our course from Wednesday to Friday and had his exam on the following Monday!

His journey.

Nurse S joined our intensive 3 day course and trained from 9am to 5pm on Wednesday to Friday. Our course is intensive and expertly led, but we always encourage our nurses to practice the skills that they have learnt on the course, over and over again. Leaving a short space of time between the course and the exam is a risky strategy.

His Results

We were relieved to say that Nurse S achieved a full pass on his first attempt!

Results Case Study 5: Dr. M.
Qualified in Egypt.

Dr. M arrived at IELTS Medical having taken the IELTS examination 7 times. Working in one of the best hospitals in the world, he sought GMC registration in order to take that next step in his career. Hungry for qualification, Dr. M brought the drive to his IELTS preparation that creates magic when it meets the expertise of the IELTS Medical team.

His journey.

Dr. M trained one:one with one of our IELTS Examiners and did so on a regular basis. Whilst working at his full time NHS job, he connected to our Examiner online for instruction and essay correction.

Results Case Study 6: Nurse E.
Qualified in Nigeria.

Nurse E arrived at IELTS Medical with strong scores in her Reading, Listening and Speaking. Scoring 6.5 in her Writing, however, held her back from NMC registration.

Her journey

Nurse E enrolled onto the I10 Advanced Writing course and her determination to obtain a minimum of 7.0 in her Writing was evident. Even distance couldn’t stop her; from her home in Norwich, Nurse E consistently attended online writing sessions, produced writing for marking, incorporated tutors’ feedback into her work and diligently prepared to succeed.

Her results

Results Case study 7: Pharmacist Z.
Qualified in France.

Pharmacist Z reached out to IELTS Medical from France and chose to study i10 Speaking and i10 Writing simultaneously. She had taken the exam once before and despite an excellent command of the English language, she knew that the first set of scores didn’t reflect her ability, and wanted to find out why. Our favourite quality of Pharmacist Z was that she took the IELTS exam like it was last time. For GPhC registration, she needed to score 7.0 in the IELTS exam.

Her journey

Pharmacist Z prepared for the exam with laser-like efficiency. Attending every class and submitting every assignment, she partnered with another learner to practice before and after sessions with our Senior Tutor. As the exam approached, she selected One:One Speaking classes with our examiner with additional Listening sessions for good measure.

Her results

Overall | L | R | S | W
8.0 | 8.0 | 8.5 | 7.5 | 7.0

Overall: 8.0

Results Case Study 8: Doctor G.

Qualified in India.

Doctor G is a native English speaker who chose to do his medical degree overseas. Despite returning fluent in two languages and knowledgeable about two sets of medical systems, he was required to achieve 7.5 overall to complete his GMC Registration.

His journey

Dr. G already had strong scores in his Listening, Reading and Speaking from previous IELTS attempts. With registration deadlines looming, he sought our expertise to remedy the shortfall in his Writing. Choosing to learn one:one with our Senior Tutor, he attended lessons after work and completed an impressive number of essays for correction. His confidence at an all time high, he attempted the IELTS exam once more.

Her results

Overall | L | R | S | W
8.0 | 9.0 | 8.5 | 8.0 | 7.0

Overall: 8.0

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