Arabic-speaking doctor refused to give up on IELTS for GMC Registration

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Arabic-speaking doctor refused to give up on IELTS for GMC Registration


In order for the GMC to accept an IELTS Academic test certificate it must show a score of at least 7.0 in each IELTS testing area (Listening; Reading; Speaking and Writing) and an overall score of 7.5. This must be achieved within the same test.

Dr. M

Dr. M came to IELTS Medical after his fifth attempt at the IELTS exam. Despite demonstrating a strong grasp of the English language, repeatedly scoring a 6.5 in his IELTS Writing was keeping him from GMC registration. With his first language being Arabic, Dr. M needed to conquer the hurdle that there are no similarities between Arabic and English writing systems. Furthermore, Arabic spelling is virtually phonetic, whilst subtle nuances in the English language means that some common words are neither spelled nor pronounced phonetically. With GMC deadlines looming and a demanding Clinical Fellow job, he reached out to IELTS Medical for guidance.


Dr. M had 3 weeks to raise his overall score in order to complete his GMC registration. He had two IELTS exams booked, the first of which being in just five days. Here at IELTS Medical, our dedicated team consists of English Language and IELTS experts, a practicing British Council IELTS examiner and IELTS administrators. Furthermore, our experience with medical professionals means that we’re able to hone in on our medics’ weaknesses and provide tailored tuition to help them reach the scores they need. In Dr. M’s case, practicing one:one with our examiner allowed him to spot the mistakes he was making; mistakes that are typical to native Arabic speakers. Following our advice, Dr. M wrote consistently, emailed his work to us on a weekly basis and incorporated our expert feedback.

Dr. M’s results

Despite sitting six full IELTS exams without achieving the combination required by the GMC, Dr. M refused to give up. Proving the power of perseverance, his will to practice as a doctor in a London hospital, renowned for its clinical and research excellence, meant that his success was inevitable. Above is a photograph of Dr. M’s recent IELTS certificate, that he has asked us to share to inspire his fellow medics.

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