The Best Time For OSCE Review

The Best Time For OSCE Review

  • By Anna

Any exam or test is usually a very stressful event. I, for example, remember my driving exam as the most stressful day in my entire life, even the exams that I had when I studied at the university were nowhere near as stressful as that driving exam was. It got to the point where I didn’t know how to control the stress level and eventually failed the test. It was only when I learned how to prepare mentally for the exam when I actually passed it.
I will give you some tips as for how to prepare for your OSCE exam beforehand and on the day to feel more self-confident and comfortable.

1. Try not to be nervous and stay calm – I know it’s easier said than done. But you have to believe in yourself and that you are properly prepared. You are a qualified nurse and the exam is for nurses entering registration at an entry level. You got this! You have spent many years studying to be a nurse, you have probably also worked in your profession for some time so you know what you’re doing.

3. The day before the exam just relax. Don’t think about it. Let your mind rest. If you can, take a day off. Make yourself a nice, long bath. Try to get a good night’s sleep as well so you are properly rested and fresh the day of the exam.

5. Remember that you are presented as you would need to be in practice – that means no jewellery, if you have long hair – tie it up, no nail polish, wear flat shoes and short sleeve.

7. Give yourself enough time to get to your test centre; keep in mind the traffic or if you’ve never been in the area, give yourself extra time to find the way.

You definitely got this. You’ve been preparing for the exam, you’ve been working in your profession in your home country, you’ve read everything you can about this test – passing it is just one of the steps on your way to being a practising nurse in the UK. You’ve already passed statistically the most difficult part which is the language proficiency test. OSCE should now be a piece of cake!

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