CBT for Nurses, Midwives and Mental Health Nurses

CBT for Nurses, Midwives and Mental Health Nurses


  • By Benjamin


Here at IELTS Medical, we offer a range of textbooks to help you further you career in Healthcare. Three of these titles include CBT for Nurses, Midwives and Mental Health Nurses. This will help you become a registered for the NMC (Nursing Midwifery Council). In order to succeed the CBT is a theory test of competence, overseas qualified nurses outside of the EU need to know exactly what the NMC expects from you.

The Second Stage of the Test of Competence is online where you will have 120 multiple choice questions to answer and you will be given 4 hours to answer all 120 questions. Also, in this textbook we will also include a licence key which includes 120 Practice questions to help you prepare for the real exam! We also offer at an additional cost a 4-Day in-person CBT course or CBT Complete Video Course if you feel like you need the extra support.

Each CBT textbook has the essential information you need for revision and common errors to look out for. This textbook also has practice questions at the end of a chapter to ensure you have fully understood the chapter before moving on to the next.

You are able to register for the exam as many times as you like, but you are only able to take a maximum of three CBT attempts as part of your application, with a minimum of 10 working days between each sitting.

You can book your CBT exam at any of the CBT exam centres located around the UK. Simply type in your postcode and it will come up with the closest exam centre. After you have taken your CBT exam you will then get your results within 48hrs.

Useful links:

To purchase a CBT textbook https://ieltsmedical.co.uk/services-category/books-and-ebooks

To see where the closet Exam Centre is you can use this link  https://home.pearsonvue.com/nmc