Check out our Facebook page and follow us!

Check out our Facebook page and follow us!

- By Michael (40 articles)

Our Facebook page has been part of IELTS Medical since July 2016 and it’s where you can find many exclusive offers and promotional material. We also post any changes that the regulatory bodies we work with decide to do in regards to their exams so you can always go on to our page to update yourself.

The main objective of our Facebook page is to inspire the many great nurses, midwives and doctors that want to or are already working for the NHS or a private organisation. We feature testimonials, in the form of quotes, of the many nurses that we have previously collaborated with to familiarise yourself with the excellent services we provide. Also, we feature our posters in a digital format to inform you of the upcoming courses we will hold at our training centre, in Central London, and our online webinars. We also have released some of the episodes of our ‘Licence to Practice’ podcast. This podcast was specifically made to highlight different journeys that international nurses and doctors made, to become licensed professionals in the UK. Listening to this podcast will give you a glimpse on the life of being a nurse in the UK and the process it takes to become one. We have even integrated a shop on our page so you can purchase any of our publications to help you prepare for any exam you have coming up.

Our Facebook page could obviously also be another platform for you to build a network with other international healthcare professionals as it is a social media platform at the end of the day! This could be very important to strengthen your connections with other healthcare professionals and then potentially even make new friends. This, in turn, could advance your career further than ever.

Therefore make sure to follow us on Facebook and turn on post notification by using the following link:

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