Christmas lottery and Winter Party – this Sunday

Christmas lottery and Winter Party – this Sunday

  • By Anna

This time of the year makes people all excited for many different reasons. Some love the Christmas atmosphere in the air, some just prefer when it is winter-ish outside, so they can cosy up in front of a fireplace, and some look forward to Christmas because of… THE PRESENTS.

If you are one of those people who enjoy this time of year because of the great opportunity it makes to give (and receive) gifts, then we have some amazing news for you!

IELTS Medical is holding a WINTER LOTTERY! We were thinking about how to make our Medics’ lives even better during this magical time and we came up with this exciting idea. And you do not even have to do much – all you need to do is text WIN as well as one of your medic friend’s phone number to 07520632722. This way both of you will be taking part in the lottery and you will both get a chance to win fantastic prizes.

The prizes are pretty universal – something you will definitely be able to use. They are £50 worth of either Amazon vouchers or just simply cash – to not overcomplicate things.

We will be also sending out postcards with holiday greetings to all medics in our system, so please make sure to look out for the mailman! The instructions how to enter the lottery will be written on the postcard as well, but if you have any questions whatsoever, you know the number – 0203 637 6722!

Additionally – this weekend we are having our Winter Party. On Sunday, the 17th of December, we are going to Winter Wonderland to spend some quality time together. It is going to be a perfect opportunity to catch up with your classmates as well as network with other medics! If you are going to come, please give us a heads up so we know to wait for you in case you are running late. See you then!

Get frosty with us… Call 02036376722!


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