City NMC OSCE at Marylebone / UCLH


City NMC OSCE at Marylebone / UCLH

It’s that time again! The 1st of August marks our next City NMC OSCE – it’s PURE APIE followed by the standard 3 and 5 day NMC OSCE. The course starts at our City branch in Marylebone, W1H and is followed by a session at the ward of UCLH hospital around the corner.

You can find more information on our NMC OSCE course at but here’s a brief recap of our successful 3-day NMC OSCE course which looks like this:

  • Day 1 is classroom based and features: Basic anatomy and physiology and background; APIE (Assessment, Care Planning, Implementation and Evaluation); Documentation; News charts and Observation Charts; Common NMC Practice Scenarios.
  • Day 2 is either classroom or hospital based and works on: Skills including: ANTT; Basic Life Support; Peak Flow; Removal of Foley Catheter; CSU Sample and IM Injections.
  • Day 3 is always London hospital based and includes: A full mock NMC OSCE exam. Individual feedback.Extras

    Pre-course pack with revision videos; NMC OSCE goodie pack on day 1; Whatsapp Support group; 2-hour 1:1 in-person or online consultation with your trainer before your exam.

Our lead OSCE trainer and Clinical Educator is really happy with the results we’re delivering in 2018 and the post-course surveys show that our nurses are happy too.

I took a 2 day bespoke course and 1 day in the June course and I found all 3 days to be incredibly useful, informative and it helped me prepare fully for the exam.

Very informative and the environment as well as the instructors were so accomodating and supportive.

It was brilliant, it was more like person centred care, all individuals needs were met as well as the group concerns . It was super great!

We ended last year on 98% pass and this year is turning out brilliantly too!

Pass your NMC OSCE with us… Call 02036376722!

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