Complementary revision sessions for exam entrants

Complementary revision sessions for exam entrants

This coming Saturday (20/05/17) and next Monday (22/05/17) we’re hosting IELTS Academic revision sessions open to all medics taking their exams with us next Thursday 25/05/17. Both sessions will focus on IELTS Reading and IELTS Writing with handy hints and reminders for the big day.

For the Reading session, we’ll be working on beating the clock. The IELTS Reading exam is not about reading for pleasure, but finding the correct answers as quickly as possible. As IELTS Medical tutor Johanna says, “The reason I scored a 9.0 in Reading, is because all of the answers were right in front of me.” IELTS Medical’s Simon will be focussing on techniques to find the correct answer in the fastest possible time.

For the Writing session, we’ll be working on signalling to the examiner what score you came for. There is a set formula that we use here that, when employed correctly, produces excellent results. Our medics are consistently scoring 7.0+ in the IELTS Writing exam and the revision session will remind you why. IELTS Medical examiner Luisa’s instructions focus on how the examiner thinks when they mark your work.

If you’re booked for one of our IELTS Academic exams or if you’ve booked an external IELTS Academic exam via us, and would like to attend a complementary revision session, do let us know.

Revise IELTS with us… Call 02036376722.

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