Doctors’ handwriting…

Hand writing

Doctors’ handwriting…

  • By Elisa

Today I am going to talk about a really serious matter:

Our doctors’ handwriting!

Is the stereotype true? Here at IELTS Medical we support many doctors, who have a brilliant and focused minds. The only weakness that you can find in them is when you collect the homework and you notice their handwriting… sometimes it’s shocking.

Long story short actually illegible handwriting is not the end of the world. Research suggests that it could mean many different things about the person’s psychology. Individuals with interesting writing are usually independent thinkers. You will notice that the person who has a unusual handwriting does not always fit in with the expectations of society. “Sloppy” handwriting often goes with creativity and sometimes it can be a sign of eccentricity too.

Going back to some of our medics we should analyse a little bit deeper the reasons behind the odd handwriting. Firstly, doctors have to write more than just about any other job, because in the medical field, if it’s not documented, it didn’t happen! So imagine long working days plus loads of writing! If doctors could spend an hour with every patient, they might be able to slow down and give their hands a rest. But the fact is, most healthcare professionals are rushing around to the next patient. For instance, one patient might have just 10/15 minutes to discuss five medical issues and ask important questions about prescriptions. With so many patients to see in a limited time, doctors may be more concerned with getting the information down, than perfecting their handwriting.

Not a problem, unless… You need to take an exam! You see, if the assessor can’t read your handwriting, they can’t mark it and here at IELTS Medical we wouldn’t want you to miss out on valuable marks because the assessor doesn’t speak your language!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to ask you to become master calligraphists. Here’s an idea – what if we strike a delicate balance? How about just for the exam, you deliver the best possible handwriting you can. Then you can go back to focusing on the patient…


Perfect your handwriting with us… Call 02036376722.



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