Doctors OET Is Now Accepted By the GMC

Doctors OET Is Now Accepted By the GMC

  • By Ben

Last week, the GMC announced that it will now also accept the OET (Occupational English Test) as an option to satisfy its English language requirements.  OET, like the IELTS, is a set of exams that test four communication skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The OET, howeve,r can be differentiated from the IELTS exams in a number of ways.

Firstly the OET exam uses the English language relevant to the occupation of our healthcare professionals. The aim of the OET is to imitate, as best as it can, the workplace our candidates can expect and was created by both healthcare professionals and English language specialists. The Reading, for example, is usually scientific, academic text. The Speaking is a role play, where you play yourself – a doctor   – and the examiner plays your patient. The Writing requires you to write a referral letter and the Listening exam is also healthcare based.

While the OET is more expensive (£350) than the IELTS exam (£165), it can be said to be more beneficial for medical practitioners, as you are likely to be able to use the information and skills that you have learned in future employment.

It is important to note that the OET result is valid for two years and that the GMC requires 4 x grade B achieved in one sitting.

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