Download our OSCE for Learning Disability Nursing App!

Download our OSCE for Learning Disability Nursing App!

- By Michael (40 articles)


The OSCE is a practical exam that’s part of the ‘Test of competence’ to ensure you can practice safely and effectively in the UK. Also, you need to be able to demonstrate that you have the skills, knowledge and behaviours that are at the level required to meet the NMC pre-registration learning disability nursing standards.

A new version of the Test of Competence was launched 2 August 2021, in which the new OSCE has 10 stations instead of 6. All overseas and ‘Return to Practice’ nurses need to make sure they get the updated resources and material to pass this new OSCE and these aren’t widely available as of yet. This is why we have created the OSCE for Learning Disability app to aid you.

Within the app you can find:

·         2 APIE Packages with 2 different options (either 24 hours express feedback or 72 hours standard feedback)

·         6 Medication quizzes that can be purchased within the app so you can learn on the go

·         Tips to help with preparation (these are updated every week)

·         Various skills demonstration videos which will be useful for the exam

·         A feature that allows you to connect with UK Nurse Educators and previous OSCE test takers to ask any questions you may have about the exam and also to help you find an effective way to study for it

·         A feature that allows you to book for one of our 3 day in person courses that will give you full preparation for the exam (these will be held at our centre)

As we work with many hospitals and healthcare organisations throughout the UK, the app also gives you a platform to record yourself and answer questions that NHS Hospitals and Private Healthcare Organisations would want to know about any potential staff. If then, they would like to progress your application, we will be in touch with you will all the details.

iOS users please use the following link to download the app:

Android users please use the following link download the app:

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