How effective is online IELTS training?

How effective is online IELTS training?

  • By Derek

A lot of overseas medics reach out to us for training from their home country. Through our work with IELTS and English language experts, we aim to deliver the best training to meet our medics’ goals. We’re based in London and have see many medics through the the IELTS and OET exam in person at our centres, closer to their homes when we’re on location (eg. September in Slough) and online.

Pre-recorded Online Courses

We believe that when medics wonder about the effectiveness of online courses, they are thinking of pre-recorded courses. Most of such courses are aimed at a general learner and usually consist of one or more videos explaining a general topic or series of topics. We have those too, but we admit that our pre-recorded online IELTS courses were designed with advanced learners in mind. They feature videos by special guest stars and activities that our IELTS examiners will assess and provided feedback.

Online Live courses

With our Online Live courses, however, we arrange a class or series of classes at a time that suits you. It’s one to one with our Examiner or Tutor, so we can get to know you; your strengths and weaknesses too. Most of our online learners connect to the centre twice or three times a week. What’s more, we have availability Monday to Sunday from 10am – 9:15pm – so there’s likely to be a time slot that will suit your schedule. At our centres, we have wired, fibre broadband connection, delivering our tutors to your homes using the fastest internet speed available – so fast, that you’ll feel like our tutors are right next to you!

Here at IELTS Medical, we’ve had a lot of success training medics online. Most of our medics train twice or three times each week and submit homework for marking in the meantime.

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