Five Steps to IELTS Essay Writing

Five Steps to IELTS Essay Writing

During our six hour Writing Workshops, one of the techniques that we show you is how to score top marks in your IELTS essays. Here are five steps to improve your IELTS writing:

1.Read the title
• Highlight the key words in order of priority.
• Find synonyms and examples to paraphrase key words.
• Define the type of question you must answer.

2. Note down your ideas
• Divide the issue into two perspectives – positive and negative.
• Note down arguments for and against ie. pros and cons.
• Find supporting examples when you’re making your notes.

3. Plan your structure
• Divide your essay into different paragraphs according to the required format.
• Select the points and examples from your notes and insert them into the appropriate sections.

4. Draft your composition
• Write as quickly, legibly and as fluently as possible.
• Do not pause to think too much about technical, graphical details.
• Pause between paragraphs to review and revise your work.

5. Edit your Composition
• Give yourself time to edit your errors while you are writing, rather than at the end.
• You need to check your grammar, syntax, lexis, spelling, punctuation, handwriting , paragraphing and word order.

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