Getting back on the horse

Getting back on the horse

  • By Emma

Some of our medics have taken the IELTS exam several times and want to give up.  Or they’ve felt as though they could have done better in the exam.

As the expression goes, we must ‘get back on the horse.’ By this expression, it means to keep going and to never give up no matter how difficult it is. This is just a  step you must follow in order to strive for success; a barrier to overcome. We’ve met medics who have come to us having taken the exam over ten times, but try again because the test is important and for their future. Whilst blindly enrolling for the exam is not advisable, our successful horse riders have been keen on learning from their mistakes. They make notes of what they found difficult in that particular exam for future reference and most importantly, they find different solutions on how to better themselves. These include:

  • Revising more than usual.
  • Going through numerous past papers.
  • Attending additional classes.

It’s really all about the time and effort you put into studying. If you’re not taking revision seriously, expect to not do very well. Exams can throw any question at you and you may not have revised for that precise question, it will confuse you and cause frustration; so putting in enough time and effort is strongly advised.

Also, many people will agree that exams are quite nerve-racking due to the pressure, the time limit and the atmosphere. But, with enough time, preparation and revision there is no reason to fail at all. You should be able to achieve the best grades possible.

Think about how proud and content you will be, knowing you’ve done the best you could, knowing you wouldn’t have to re-sit again…

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