Have you heard about our game?

Tic toc doc OET game

Have you heard about our game?

  • By Elisa

If you don’t have anyone to practice your OET speaking this blog post is for you!

A few days ago, we met with a few of our medics who attended the OET course and completed the mock OET exam with us. They were sad that they couldn’t find anyone willing to practice their OET speaking – even their best friends were getting bored of speaking practice for an exam they’d only just heard of a few weeks ago!

It gave us a #lightbulb moment.

What if there was a speaking card game that made #OET Speaking practice a lot of fun?! You’d be able to turn a reluctant “best friend” into a willing participant.

We brainstormed about the game for days, but the basic premise flowed naturally… we just needed a name.

We reached out to our current OET Cohort I, explained how the game would work and asked them what we should call it. When Doctor A asked, “what about Tic Toc Doc?” our game was born!

How do you play Tic Toc Doc?

Tic toc doc is a two-player character guessing game. Each player starts with one cue card including an image and patient notes for the “patient player” and filing cabinet of patients notes for the “doctor”. The “doctor” player will have  to guess which patient is “visiting” him/her by asking the other player his/her symptoms. There’s a time frame of three minutes and once the buzzer sounds, the “doctor” has to pick a name from the 30 patients notes s/he has in front of him/her.

Sound’s simple enough?

Great! Plus, the great news is that you might use this card game for your OET exam and your PLAB exam as well! So you hit two birds with one stone whilst having fun at the same time!

So prepare yourself for an outstanding educational game for your speaking practice and the whole family!

Tic Toc doc will be hitting our shelves on Friday 1st June, 2018 RRP £16.99 – preorder and save 20%

Play with us… Call 02036376722!

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