The hottest rivalry since the cricket world cup…

india-v-pakistan world cup

The hottest rivalry since the cricket world cup…

Medics, the next official examination is in less than eight weeks and medics are already registering for our examination on Saturday 26th August, 2017. Some claim it’s to do with the new GMC Plab 1 dates, some say it’s the first opportunity after their holiday… However, we know that it’s really because the IELTS MEDICAL WORLD CUP is up for grabs.

The IELTS Medical World Cup competition is decided by our Medics’ IELTS scores. Entries are ranked and scores averaged. Every quarter, our healthcare professionals from all over the world compete for the golden cup which is currently held by 3-time champions Pakistan. With France separating the champions from the challengers in third place, India, the IELTS Medical World cup is the hottest competition since the Cricket World Cup!

On entry, our Medics are asked who they will be representing in the IELTS Medical World Cup. Challengers this quarter include: Algeria, France, Italy, Nigeria, Portugal, Romania and Sri Lanka… With more challengers to follow.

In case you need a reminder about how we host our exams:

The Listening; Reading and Writing will take place in a state-of-the-art lecture room. We host a maximum of 20 healthcare professionals, making it a small and “comfortable” exam. Plus, this summer will see us debut individual headphones for the Listening section of the exam. After the written papers, we’ll head back to the centre for lunch (provided) and the Speaking section. Medics who’ve taken their exams with us have said:

“Friendly environment, light lunch included, well organized, no delays!

“[I enjoyed] The welcome at IELTS MEDICAL with Nonny The lunch which was nice attentions The speaking task being at familiar rooms”

“All went smoothly , friendly environment and kind care.”

So, what are you waiting for? Fly your country’s flag, pick up your baton and defend your title OR grab it from Pakistan and run…

Go for Gold with us…. Call 02036376722.

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