How I read one book a week to learn English

one book a week is like learning to walk

How I read one book a week to learn English

  • By Lidia

How reading one book a week helped me learn English

Having acquired English as a second language myself, I would like to share one habit that significantly improved my English learning experience: reading one new book a week. I started with relatively easy reads and then progressed to more complex books.

I believe that learning a language is like learning to walk: you start from the ground, take a few falls, get up and carry on until you walk with confidence. Put simply, it is a process that takes time and dedication.

Reading is one of the most effective ways of broadening vocabulary, as it exposes the reader to a variety of words used in a specific context. Furthermore, reading varied material results in familiarity with different writing styles whilst gathering different information.

Working to understand roughly 80% of the words of a text has been proven to lead to steady language acquisition. This is because we learn language when we understand most, but not all, of what we are exposed to. Seeing unknown words in a context you understand will help you to develop the skills needed for working out the meaning of these words from the words around it.

Regular reading is, therefore, essential for the development of vocabulary and reading skills.

Apart from having a better understanding of the language and ability to communicate, setting the goal of reading one book a week helped me to become more disciplined. During this time, I also discovered the joy of learning new things and made it an integral part of my life.

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