How to beat stress

how to beat stress

How to beat stress

  • By Ruta

In our modern society, stress is a big part of our daily journeys. Many of us who have taken tests are familiar with the terrible feeling just before the big day when our hearts start to beat uncontrollably, our hands tremble and all the knowledge that was so diligently gained through revision, appears to be gone. We have to agree that a reasonable level of stress is a normal physiological body response. However, it is crucial to learn how to control our emotions and benefit from the stress. If we are unable to do this we are likely to lose the opportunity to do our best. In regards to the problem, here are some main tips on how to manage stress before and during exams:

  1. Be prepared for the test: It may sound idealistic, but homework needs to be done and revision needs to be thorough. Cramming just before the exam will not make a big difference to the result. On the contrary, it can cause extra stress.

  2. Rest before the big day: Do not make the mistake of trying to catch bits of knowledge during the very last hours. 8 hours of sleep before a test can ensure your brain is functioning efficiently.

  3. Feed your brain: Despite the fact that many people feel nausea and complain of other gastrointestinal symptoms in the face of the intense stress, nutritious food and water is necessary before any mental activity. Furthermore, do not avoid carbs as it is the main energy supplier for the brain.

  4. Be positive: Sometimes it is easier to say it than to do it. However one way to do this is to create your own mantra. For example, ‘I am prepared, I know all the answers, I am happy to take the test.’ and repeat it to yourself confidently. Meditation and breathing exercises can also help rid you of the negative thoughts and stress.

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