How to prepare for the OET Medicine exam:

How to prepare for the OET Medicine exam:

- By Kasharn (11 articles)

Hello in today’s blogpost I will explain how to prepare for your upcoming OET Medicine exam.  

The OET exam is International that assesses all four language skills (Listening, reading, writing and speaking). Health care professionals who wish to practice in an English-speaking environment. The questions are based on the medical area of healthcare and to pass the OET exam you will need to achieve a grade B or higher in each area of the exam or achieve a point score of 350 across all test areas. It is considered easier to pass and more accepted by NHS and other organisations hiring Doctors.

OET results are valid for two years, this is something that the doctors should think about before sitting the exam. The IELTS exam results are also valid for two years, you can resit the IELTS exam as many times as you wish and you can decide which results you would like to use.

Here at IELTS Medical we provide In-classroom and online courses that will help you prepare your exam.

Our three-week, six-week or twelve-week course prepares you for OET with a length depending on your knowledge of English. At the beginning of the course, you will take an exam that helps you determine how much time you will need to be fully prepared.

This is a prescheduled course that takes place four days a week, for five hours each day. The course is taught at our centre based in Marylebone but it can also be completed online.

We also provide flex sessions; our flex sessions are one to one lesson with a tutor that are scheduled around your availability and each session lasts for an hour.


For booking, or to find out more information about our courses you can use the link provided below to visit our website or give me a call on 020363727292.


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