How to reach the 9.0 in Reading Part 1

How to reach the 9.0 in Reading Part 1

“The best thing about reading and why it’s possible to score 9.0, is because all of the answers are right in front of you” – IELTS Medical Tutor Johanna.

One of the most common type of reading question is the: Yes/No/Not Given or True/False/Not Given question.

In order to successfully tackle this type of question, Tutor Johanna recommends following the following pattern when you’re reading the text.

  • If the question is literally there in the passage, answer: “Yes.”
  • If the opposite is true, answer: “No.”
  • “Not given” is very tricky.

Consider this extract of this passage

The popularizing of smaller, more fuel efficient cars is on the rise. Hybrid vehicles are also becoming more common. The cars have two engines – one that is battery powered and one that is gasoline powered. The battery powered engine gets the car moving from a standstill. Once the car reaches a certain speed, the gasoline engine, which is more efficient at higher speeds, takes over to keep the car moving. There is also a growing interest in cars that are completely battery powered. These are cars that would be plugged into an electric outlet to recharge when not in use. Many consider such vehicles to be the car of the future. However, as long as the electricity is generated by coal-burning plants, as often is the case, these cars cannot be considered as using clean energy. Solar cars and hydrogen cars are other “clean” technologies that are receiving attention and hopes for the future.
The question asks whether the following statement is True/False/Not Given:

Solar powered cars are currently too expensive for the average person to own.

Unsuspecting IELTS Academic students may answer, “Yes.” Either inserting their opinion or creating this thought from the gist of the text. The correct answer is, however, is “Not Given.” Solar-powered cars are mentioned in this paragraph, but there is no mention of their cost.

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